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Sheree Marris


After Dinner - Australians of the Year - Authors - Change Management - Climate Change - Communications - Education - Environment - Facilitation - Humour - Innovation - Keynote Speakers - Lobbying - Resources - Science - Strategy

Environmental Communicator & Ambassador

Sheree leverages on her wellspring of energy and personality to educate and empower people towards environmental conservation. The hallmark of her success is delivering information in a way that is fun, sexy and entertaining, making Sheree’s innovative work and conservation efforts well received by wide ranging audiences. She is the award winning author of four publications, and the recipient of numerous accolades including three Australian of the Year awards. Sheree is one of Australia’s most loved environmental champions.

Sheree Marris, the rumoured love child of the Little Mermaid and David Attenborough is one of Australia’s most experienced environmental communicators and ambassadors. Sheree harnesses her expertise, bubbly personality and infectious enthusiasm to use the media as a powerful tool to educate and empower communities. Sheree’s well known secret to success is to make information fun, sexy and entertaining! A complete natural, what you see is what you get with Sheree – a vivacious storyteller who captures the attention and imagination of her audiences. If you take the plunge, you will be suitably impressed.

Her innovative work and conservation efforts have been rewarded through numerous accolades including three Young Australian of the Year awards: the National Unilever Environment Award, Young Australian of the Year (Victoria) and Victorian Unilever Environment Award. She has also been the recipient of the Queens Trust for Young Australians and is an award winning author with four publications under her belt including the recently published KamaSEAtra - Secrets of Sex in the Sea, a humorous read about the unique reproductive methods of seas creatures and the parallels they have with humans.


  • 2003 Centenary Medal
  • 2003 Australia Day Ambassador
  • 2002 Committee of Melbourne Achiever Award
  • 2002 Young Australian of the Year - National Unilever Environment Award
  • 2002 Young Australian of the Year - Victoria
  • 2002 Young Australian of the Year - Victorian Unilever Environment Award
  • 2000 Queens Trust for Young Australians award
  • 2000 Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature - Short listed
  • 1999 Wilderness Society Environment Award for Children’s Literature

Presentation Topics Include

  • Corporate
    Making Money by Saving the Environment:
    An entertaining and humorous presentation that will demonstrate how your business can make a buck out of doing the right thing! Reducing your environmental footprint and becoming more sustainable isn’t some new age con. It is a sound business investment that makes sense, creates cold hard cash, ensures the longevity in the marketplace and builds consumer confidence without costing the earth or having to chain yourself to trees.

  • Secondary Schools
    Following your dreams and getting paid to do what you love:
    An inspirational journey behind Aquatic Scientist and one of Australia’s youngest environmental leaders that will motivate students to follow their dreams and be the best they can possibly be. Sheree will share the numerous pitfalls and challenges of her career including being told she wasn’t smart enough to go to University, and how that only mad her more determined. She now gets paid to do what she loves travelling the world, making wildlife documentaries and writing award-winning books, which has lead to numerous accolades including several Young Australian of the Year Awards.


“Sheree Marris is inspirational. Not only was she absolutely entertaining but one was able to also learn a lot from her. I have also never known a presentation to be quoted so much afterwards."
Chief Executive Officer, Australian Council for Education Leaders

“Sheree Marris of Visions of Blue is an outstanding promoter of environmental consciousness. Sheree’s success is due to her enthusiasm, knowledge and dedication. “
Chairman, Transfield Services

“Sheree is a great example/mentor figure for young upcoming groups in our organisation. Her presentation was very energetic, passionate and she maintained her audience concentration throughout and encouraging interaction with the group."
Regional General Manager, Commonwealth Bank

“The audience was enthralled by the various experiences as related by Sheree, fun entertaining with many pearls of wisdom thrown in."
Dromana Secondary College

“Sheree was great! Lively and captivating…. We wanted someone who was exciting and had a strong positive message for youth and Sheree filled that beautifully."
VCE Achiever Awards

“A born communicator"
Deakin University

“Surpassed all expectations…."
Karingal Secondary College Awards

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