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Eric Bailey


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Leadership / Winning Attitude

Eric Bailey is a man who has dedicated his life to inspiring others to create a vision for their lives and then take action towards making that vision a reality. This dedication has helped Eric effect a lasting change in the minds of over 2 million people around the world. This dedication has helped Eric show these people how to look into the mirror and see what they want to become and then take massive action to become just that. 

Eric's presentations light a fire inside of you that will remain for the rest of your life. No longer will you spend your life accepting anything short of your dreams. You will instead spend your life actively pursuing your dreams until your vision becomes a reality. Whether it is in business or in life, Eric will show you that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Because hard times are going to happen to everyone and it is in the way we handle these hard times that makes us who we are. We can let them crush us and stop our dreams dead in their tracks, or we can change our perspective, learn from the difficult times, and create new opportunities out of what we have learned. The choice is yours. Do you rise to the challenge of life's difficulties -Or do you let life's difficulties control your life. 

About Eric

Eric's successful careers in professional athletics, executive management, and sales have helped form his ability to transform the lives of people of all ages and culture around the world. As a professional basketball player, Eric's versatility, his ability to do it all, made him stand out from the crowd. As a speaker, his versatility has again helped him rise to the top. Eric's ability to crossover and connect with audiences of all ages and cultures makes him the world's most dynamic speaker. He has used his wisdom to inspire baby boomers and those from generation X. And he uses his knowledge of culture and trends to connect with the younger generation Y. Eric has helped the world's youth by spreading his message to high schools and colleges. 

Eric has delivered talks, and training sessions to world famous corporations like Nike, McDonald's, Ford, AMP, REMAX, NBA, Qantas, Toshiba, and MDRT. Eric has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Jamie McIntyre, Former Prime Minister John Howard, Tim Ferriss, Harry Dent, Michael Jordan, and many more. Whether it is in business or in life, Eric will show you that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. 

Presentation Topics Include

  • Activational speaker
  • Vision - Living Life Through Vision
  • Attitude - A Winning Attitude
  • Synergy - Team Synergy
  • The Force Multiplier
  • Leadership Transformational Leadership
  • Activation - Ready, Set ... Activate!


I am a young, black Zimbabwean lady and as a result I experienced a lot of discrimination and racism at the school I was teaching at. During the week before the conference, I had decided to quit the teaching profession, however, I still had to attend the conference as the school had booked and paid for it in previous months. Your talk helped to rekindle the love and passion I had for teaching children which was the very last ingredient I needed after all the other good practical lectures I'd had throughout the weekend, for where there is no love, there is nothing. I have been teaching now with that passion and love for over a year. I love my job and I love my kids :)
Teacher Qld Education

Eric Baileys “A Winning Attitude Seminar” in June 2009 was a dynamic, motivating and emotional rollercoaster ride. Five minutes into his Seminar and we were hooked! Eric shared his story through active participation which was most effective. The impact he had on our work group was amazing and it was the topic of discussion for many weeks in the office.
“We now have the Winning Attitude”
Administration Assistant, Toowoomba

A colleague from my company asked me to join her to see a motivational/activational speaker by the name of Eric Bailey. I remember saying to her that I was a little tired of the same motivational speeches and that I really wasn’t that interested. She finally convinced me and I’m so glad that she did. Eric was a breath of fresh air in the motivational speaking world. The particular workshop I attended was dedicated to professional development – how to move forward in life with a different attitude – an attitude that enables you to riseabove the crowd, meet challenges head on and be passionate in everything you do. This particular two workshop was also interactive and engaging – I’ve never seen dancing before at a motivational workshop! I came away feeling recharged, inspired and more importantly, a winning attitude. It's been 4 weeks since the workshop and I still have the buzz and the tools to face my fears! Thanks Eric.
Executive Assistant, Parsons Brinckerhoff

“I don’t think that I have ever seen an auditorium of 500 delegates so moved and I have attended over 20 years of corporate conferences. The audience was on their feet, some people with tears in their eyes at the conclusion of Eric’s dynamic and moving presentation.”
Director, Watermark Real Estate Xchange

“My initial apprehension of using Eric as a high energy American speaker vanished as soon as he came on stage. The audience instantly connected with his passion, attitude and focus. Not only did he connect on a professional and personal level his research of our industry showed true professionalism and dedication. The feedback from our staff and financial practices was overwhelming in support of the material and presentation style of Eric. I would have no hesitation in recommending Eric for any conference, no matter what audience or what industry, he is a true professional. We look forward to working with him again”.
CEO, Total Financial Solutions.

“Eric’s presentation was fantastic and was perfect for our conference. He was everything we wanted from a closing speaker; massive energy- got everyone excited, physical and vocal, a mesmerizing story told with eloquence, passion and humour. You will have many happy moments clients thanking you for recommending him is you suggest him more often and to more of your clients!”
Insurance Line ‘anything is possible’.

"Eric will encapsulate and enthral the audience with his irreplaceable ability to send a message and leave an inedible imprint on the audience’s future. Eric Bailey is a talented individual who can lead or make a team".
Queensland Teachers Credit Union

"His drive and enthusiasm is a great fit with our business as he talks with such motivation and passion. If your business is looking for an edge in staff development and motivation, Eric Bailey is your man".
Foot Locker Australia, Inc

"We often say that the little things in life are the most important particularly working with jewellery. Although you are a big guy and obviously have a big heart – your message highlighted the importance of little things. You can do anything you put your mind to".
Kings Jewellers Pty Ltd.

"The nature of the comments I have received from my people suggest that you connected with them and left a significant impression on the value and importance of team work as it relates to safety and productivity".
Adisseo Australia Pty Ltd.

"Eric Bailey has now presented to our franchisees and staff at our motivational “rallies” with excellent results. His ability to adapt and relate to all parts of the crowd are outstanding. Eric will travel with our team around Australia this year to continue his great work".
Eagle Boys Pizza Pty Ltd.

"Over the past four years feedback has been fantastic, describing the program as both ‘captivating’ and ‘motivating’ providing an approach, which has had a significant influence".
WIN Television Vic, Pty Ltd.

"Eric Bailey has been in involved with NBA International for the past three years, and specifically been involved with JAM Session, and NBA players touring the South-eastern Asian and Australasia Regions. His ability to multi task were outstanding. From Master of Ceremonies, to hosting NBA press conferences and assisting in choreographic arrangements of NBA Mascot appearances Eric could handle it all! Because of his professional, and cool calm manner with
NBA players, sponsors, International and National media he has been invited to host the NBA All-Star Weekend Jam Session in the USA for the past 4 years. An event which attracts over 100,000 people in a four day period". I have found Eric to be positive, trustworthy, motivating, inspiring, well prepared, and a Visionary! He see's more than what's expected!
And that's great in our INDUSTRY.
NBA International Australasia

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