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Eric Bailey


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Leadership / Winning Attitude

Eric Bailey is a man who has dedicated his life to inspiring others to create a vision for their lives and then take action towards making that vision a reality. This dedication has helped Eric effect a lasting change in the minds of over 2 million people around the world. This dedication has helped Eric show these people how to look into the mirror and see what they want to become and then take massive action to become just that. 

Eric's presentations light a fire inside of you that will remain for the rest of your life. No longer will you spend your life accepting anything short of your dreams. You will instead spend your life actively pursuing your dreams until your vision becomes a reality. Whether it is in business or in life, Eric will show you that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Because hard times are going to happen to everyone and it is in the way we handle these hard times that makes us who we are. We can let them crush us and stop our dreams dead in their tracks, or we can change our perspective, learn from the difficult times, and create new opportunities out of what we have learned. The choice is yours. Do you rise to the challenge of life's difficulties -Or do you let life's difficulties control your life. 

About Eric

Eric's successful careers in professional athletics, executive management, and sales have helped form his ability to transform the lives of people of all ages and culture around the world. As a professional basketball player, Eric's versatility, his ability to do it all, made him stand out from the crowd. As a speaker, his versatility has again helped him rise to the top. Eric's ability to crossover and connect with audiences of all ages and cultures makes him the world's most dynamic speaker. He has used his wisdom to inspire baby boomers and those from generation X. And he uses his knowledge of culture and trends to connect with the younger generation Y. Eric has helped the world's youth by spreading his message to high schools and colleges. 

Eric has delivered talks, and training sessions to world famous corporations like Nike, McDonald's, Ford, AMP, REMAX, NBA, Qantas, Toshiba, and MDRT. Eric has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Jamie McIntyre, Former Prime Minister John Howard, Tim Ferriss, Harry Dent, Michael Jordan, and many more. Whether it is in business or in life, Eric will show you that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. 

Presentation Topics Include

• Vision - Living Life Through Vision
• Attitude -A Winning Attitude
• Synergy -Team Synergy
• The Force Multiplier
• LeadershipTransformational Leadership
• Activation -Ready, Set ... Activate


Eric Bailey's professionalism was outstanding as he created that overlay, resulting in a product with pure passion. Eric's stories, his fight as a young man, his persistence towards the goal had all of us on the edge of our seats as he distributed a feeling amongst all of us that has changed our lives. He was able to reach through the inhibitions of the business-setting and access what we are all so tentative to show and share. We look forward to bringing Eric back in pursuit of building on what he has started. 
President & CEO, Breault Industrial Group / Scaffold Industry Association SIA USA 

Eric's energy, passion, and story is awe-inspiring! As a fellow professional speaker, Eric is a guy who can make an impact with an audience through his electrifying, authentic and powerful presentation. He knows exactly how to combine substance, style and entertainment - keeping the audience fully engaged. After hearing Eric, I had a new sense of urgency to take immediate action to reach my life goals!
Mitzi Dulan, Media Spokesperson, Author, Speaker USA 

What was particularly pleasing was the way you wove in your own personal story to show all our leaders that we all have the power to succeed if we can take personal responsibility for our words, actions and choices. You could feel the level of self-belief among our participants rising as each minute went by. The primary message we all took out of your presentation was that we all have the ability to succeed within us. Believing in your ability and taking the responsibility to step up to play in the big league & succeed are the factors which determine whether others will follow us as leaders. You made those points articulately and passionately. Thank you so much for your presentation. I have had so much positive feedback from the participants.
Human Resources & Organisational Development, Queensland Teachers Credit Union

"Eric is one of the best speakers to ever set foot in this country.His ability to share from his heart not only inspires the audience but he is able to challenge them to rise above the difficulties of life and achieve so much more and make their dreams a reality. Everyone should hear what this man has to say."
CEO 21st Century Education For Life

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