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George Negus


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Journalist and TV Host

Author, journalist, and television personality George Negus has branched out from his illustrious career into that of public speaking, providing informational, engaging, and incredibly well-received presentations. His featured topics include the future of his country, living as a foreign correspondent, and how power affects personalities.

After studying arts and journalism at the University of Queensland, George Negus briefly worked as a high school teacher before moving on to pursue his love of journalism. He started out, and spent a good portion of his career, working and writing for the Australian Newspaper and the Australian Financial Review.  

George has also done considerable work, both on and off camera, for the channel ABC, including the show This Day Tonight. He spent eight years working on Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes, and briefly hosted his own television shows, first on ABC with his evening news show Foreign Correspondent, for seven years and then on Channel Ten with 6:30 with George Negus.

His career in journalism has given him the opportunity to meet with and interview a variety of national and international public figures, including George Soros, James Wolfensen, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Imran Khan, General Wesley Clark, and Shimon Peres. In between traveling the world and interviewing some of the biggest newsmakers of our time, George has also written several books, starting with a series for children that he co-wrote with his wife Kirsty Cockburn. In 2004, he published The World from Islam, describing his experience with the Middle East based on his travels, and debasing the myth that Islam is made up of extremists.

Incredibly articulate and with life experiences many can only dream of, George is the ideal facilitator for a variety of events.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The World was Never going to be the Same
  • Australia Are we ready for the third way?
  • Life as a foreign correspondent
  • The personalities of power
  • The world was never going to be the same: a perspective and reminder of how much change—which may often seem unimaginable—
  • always emerges and change lives in the most extraordinary and exciting way


“George Negus was excellent.  Facilitated discussion very well, challenged us and was also very entertaining."
BP Australia 

“Excellent.  George was very well received by all the delegates.  He added the professionalism that we needed."
AL Marketing

“Excellent.  George gave an excellent presentation that was both humorous and thought provoking.  He tailored his presentation to suit the needs of the audience and as a result was a real ‘hit’ with those who were present."
Local Government Association of SA 

“Excellent.  George was great to work with, very approachable and above all, professional.  He exceeded all of our expectations and we would love to work with him again."
Conference Solutions 

“You will be pleased to hear that evaluations received showed that this year’s Forum was considered to be ‘very entertaining and useful’, ‘thought provoking’, ‘a good overview of current issues facing Local Government’, ‘well thought out and presented in this climate of litigation’ and 'motivational, good fun and informative’."

“Excellent.  George gave a very ‘personal’ presentation specifically tailored to our conference theme.  An excellent start to our conference."
SA Primary Principals Association 

“Apart from their great words on stage, their presence in the room added a real buzz. Both offered themselves freely to guests who wanted to mix and meet two great speakers."
Ballarat Innovation Festival

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