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Dr Ann O'Neill

Dr Ann O’Neill


Advertising - After Dinner - Change Management - Family - Health - Inspirational - Keynote - Keynote Speakers - Leadership - Medical - Mental Health - Motivation

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Dr Ann O’Neill is a specialist in trauma, criminal victimisation and advocacy and is considered an inspiration by many. Her story of hope, to triumph over severe hardship and her commitment to improving the lives of others is one that should be shared.

Dr Ann is the survivor of a horrific crime who now tirelessly helps others. Her engaging and well-structured educative and motivational presentations will not only inspire your team, but equip them with knowledge and tools to overcome and thrive personally and professionally.

Ann is a unique and versatile motivational and educational speaker, she harnesses research, her own experiences and strategies and tailors them to meet the needs of your business and your people. Her presentations are not only motivational, they provide a true learning experience.

Ann fills a variety of roles across the community and therefore she has an innate ability to engage with any audience in any format. Her intelligent presentations are a potent mix of humour, experience, frankness and meaningful teaching methods.

Large corporate firms expanding, restructuring and/or retrenching have engaged Ann to work with them to provide motivation and purpose to the lives and work of their staff. So too have government departments and community groups.

Dr Ann O’Neill is Founder and Patron of angelhands inc and Winner of Leading the Way Award WA Social Worker of the Year Awards 2012

In 2018 Dr Ann was inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame.

Topics Include:

  • Leadership;
  • Motivation and inspiration;
  • Women’s Health and Well being;
  • Dealing with change;
  • OHS – harassment and victimisation in the workplace;
  • Mental health and well-being;
  • Trauma Awareness and Recovery (theories and applied approaches);
  • Family and Domestic Violence theories, dynamics and models of understanding;
  • Familicide – introduction and risk assessments;
  • DAS -- Risk assessment relating to Family and Domestic Violence lethality; and/or
  • Family Liaison Officer Roles and applied learning on how to engage people.


Excellent speaking, topic and content were well suited to audience and delivery was personable and honest.
City of Swan

I am writing to personally thank you for speaking at our recent forum for journalists and student journalists…. Evaluations tell us journalists found the event both interesting and informative, with many now realising their words can directly affect people experiencing violence.
Dept for Community Development

I was extremely impressed with Ms O’Neill’s skills as a trainer and her ability to get people to engage with and deeply reflect on the topic. … The formal feedback process saw staff give the sessions some of the highest feedback ever recorded for an internal training session. Further, I received numerous unsolicited informal comments from staff about how the training had affected them and challenged in a positive way their views and how they work. As a result of the training, I saw some tangible changes in staff attitudes and practices.
FDVU Legal Aid WA

I just wanted to say how brilliant it was seeing you. Your presentation was electrifying, the feedback from the students was very positive and many made specific mention of your presentation in the written feedback. The course went very well...and your contribution played a huge part in making it successful.
Hope to see you before too long. Good luck with all the fantastic work you do of victims.
Crime Research Centre, University of Western Australia

I am always impressed by the courage and bravery Ann demonstrates both in getting on with her life, given the tragedy suffered.
Head of Home Office Victims Unit, UK.

Our sincere thanks for giving such an inspirational and moving speech at the recent launch. It made the event really meaningful for everyone.
Ministry of Justice WA

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