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Sherry Strong


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Nutritionist and Educator

Leading nutritional expert and food psychologist Sherry Strong is a dedicated advocate for holistic nourishment. The passionate educator shows how we are under-utilising the power of food, and why our bodies are starved of the opportunity for vibrant health and energy.

Sherry serves up a practical and witty approach to nutrition, motivating everyday people to enjoy a healthy relationship with food, creating wellness, weight loss and energy. Whether at corporate presentations or TV, radio and public event appearances, Sherry’s insightful philosophies and thought provoking messages prove why she is a leader in her field.

As a food philosopher, nutritional strategist and food coach, Sherry is passionately devoted to “wholistic" nourishment. The former Victorian chair of Nutrition Australia and Melbourne head of Slow Food has spent over 20 years studying Human Nutrition, Health & Behavioural Science, food and wellness. She is a controversial thought leader and inspirational speaker in the field of Health & Wellbeing

Invited to present to corporations, companies as well as the University of Queensland’s Brain Institute or on television and radio here in Australia or overseas, she wittily reveals the shocking truth about food, its, often, detrimental impact on our body and planet. It is not only highly informative, but also entertaining to listen to her philosophies on how to heal both.

Sherry will have you question everything you know about “healthy" eating. Find out why fat French chefs and children in refugee camps in Africa are eating healthier than many dietitians and most privileged school kids in Australia. With a revolutionary philosophical approach, Sherry will have your energy increased by 300% and even losing weight through health and mind gains.

She is featured in the film 'What If ' based on her philosophies that focus on developing a healthy relationship with food, without dieting and while experiencing true pleasure and quality of life. As an internationally recognized expert on food and its connection to wellbeing, Sherry Strong is devoted to transforming personal and workplace wellness by inspiring people to take control of their own health.

Food For Thought

The way we eat in developed nations is killing us in a time when science has provided the means to have greater health than ever before. The mainstream diet is a major contributor to most lifestyle diseases as well as zapping precious energy from our busy lives.

Would you like to; be happier, to have more energy, be more productive, take less sick days and become a more positive force in life?

How do we eat better not just for a week but also for a lifetime?

Sherry’s Foodlovers Workshops are the answer. Sherry will show you the greatest foods to eat, how to make them taste great and the factors that motivate people the world over to incorporate them into a sustainable eating lifestyle.

Sherry leaves you inspired and motivated to choose, prepare and eat luscious food every day and promises you will love every bite of it!

About Sherry

Australia, and especially Melbourne, has been lucky enough to attract some extremely talented and vivacious Chefs, but none more so than Sherry Strong. This Canadian born Australian is not only a great Chef but a dynamic presenter and award winning speaker.

Sherry arrived in Australia ten years ago, and in that time has worked in some of the best restaurants, developed the Food Lover’s workshop, and sits on numerous boards. All this from someone who grew up in the culinary equivalent of a gastronomic black hole! While brief working stints with the likes of Charlie Trotter at Trotters and Stephanie Alexander has given Sherry her passion for food, it is her
research into produce, where it has come from and how it is processed, that makes what Sherry enthuses, so interesting.

The Foodlover’s Workshop was designed to demystify and motivate people to make life changing food choices. The focus is on food that feeds the body, including the palate and the soul.

Sherry has appeared regularly on the Denise Show, Morning Shift, as well as What’s Cooking, has co-hosted a radio program “Body Talk", presented at the 2001 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s regional Masterclass, and contributed to Herald Sun’s Food & Drink section. Sherry shared the stage with many celebrity chefs at the Good Food Show including Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein.

She sits on the board of the National Speaker’s Association of Australia and Body Image & Health Inc., chairs the Nutrition Australia foundation (Vic. division). In amongst all this Sherry freelances in the corporate arena both as a Celebrity Chef and a guest speaker. Where does she find the time? We don’t know but this is proof of her passion and commitment to food, health and lifestyle.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The Ten Traits of Highly Healthy Humans – Goodbye guilt, Hello Freedom – eating without fear and getting the most out of life!

  • The Performance Enhancing Diet – What and how we eat impacts on productivity and performance at work and home. Learn how simple it is to make the choices that will give you the edge in life and taste delicious.

  • Power In = Power Out – Learn the foods and the habits that give us energy and how to avoid those that rob us of precious energy.

  • What is the Recipe for a Successful Life? – Learn the secrets of a great recipe and the metaphor for how it translates through life, the quality of ingredients you put into life and how you combine them is the recipe Sherry cooks up for you right in front of your eyes.


“Of all the chefs I saw this week through the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival including those at Masterclass, your presentation was the best". 
Herald Sun – Food & Drink

“I do want to thank you for your wonderful work, it has been a pleasure working with you, both in terms of style and professionalism you demonstrated in your work. It has been lots of fun. Thank you for your humour, compassion and intelligence." 
Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

“Your professionalism and commitment to providing a first class presentation made our event successful as well as enjoyable. The participants were captivated by your lively, entertaining and motivating session." 

“Brilliant session…in your presentation you were most giving in sharing of your personal story, your hints and instructions on good eating, your delicious food samples and the recipes which made for a well rounded presentation that had everyone involved and enjoying the experience…. haven’t got over your sensational Canadian ‘Call of the Wild’ it creates a freedom and space at the start of the presentation that frees up everyone who hears it to leave their inhibitions behind." 

As Australia’s Flavourite Speaker and an accomplished chef you wowed our members at a recent breakfast presentation…giving them all the tools to enhance their business and personal lives by adopting, adapting and renewing a new way to eat. It was fantastic. Congratulations on combining your skills as a presenter and Chef to help educate the world to have fun while they eat and to have balance. 
What’s in the Box Productions, Breakthrough for Breakfasts

“Sherry came to present to the Enterprising Women Network…I recommend Sherry as one of the best we have had…everyone thoroughly enjoyed her and they all went away feeling motivated and inspired…I would recommend Sherry Clewlow as an entertaining and informative speaker." 
Enterprising Women Network

Thank you for the presentation….the ideas you presented were thought provoking and unique, giving the audience a new way to think about food, cooking and eating….as you promised your presentation inspired and motivated…the stories and humour you incorporated into the talk made the audience feel comfortable and receptive to your message…Congratulations on a successful presentation. We would be happy to recommend you to other businesses. 
Banylue Community Health Service

We have conducted an evaluation of the week and the feed back I have received from your presentation was very positive…congratulations on a wonderful fun presentation…a lot of work has gone into your presentation and as far as we are concerned it was all worth it. 
Orica Australia P/L

“The overall congress, and in particular your sessions, was very well received by our delegates and this was in no small way due to support, co-operation and involvement of professionals like you." 
CPA Australia

“Your cooking demonstrations were certainly well received by the visitors to the Taste of Victoria. I know I personally enjoyed your enthusiasm and your entertaining presentations of the recipes your had prepared. I even picked up a few handy hints." 

“Sherry provided excellent performances in both roles and had a good understanding of the conference objectives. Sherry was very well presented, enthusiastic and obviously passionate about fresh produce and consumption." 
National Potato Business and Marketing

“Sherry was extremely well received by the dinner guests as a speaker and chef. The clients she was contracted out to present were pleasantly thrilled by her presentations. Sherry manages to captivate her audience, make them laugh, touch their hearts inform them and leave them with a practical message and tools for improving their quality of life." 
Spirit of Hospitality

“She made nutrition make sense… Sherry had a great sense of humour and was able to keep the whole audience interested the whole time. I like the fact that she cleared up some of the myths about food. I would recommend her without hesitation." 
The Body Shop

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