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Neil Jenman


Authors - Ethics - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Leadership - Motivation - Real Estate - Sales

Real Estate Trainer

As a highly successful real estate agent in the 1980s, Neil devised the Jenman System for operating a real estate office, still widely used today.

He is today regarded by many as the best real estate trainer in Australia. His principles of hard work and total integrity inspired many in the real estate industry. His criticism of many common real estate practices gained public attention and the ire of the real estate institutes.

His book Real Estate Mistakes has been a bestseller with over 290,000 copies in print.

Neil set up a non-profit fund to help victims of real estate malpractice. As a tireless crusader he receives dozens of requests each day seeking his help or advice.

Neil is living proof that 'doing the right thing' in business can be both highly profitable and deeply satisfying.

Neil specialises in sales and real estate which he teaches with passion and humour underpinned by strong ethical and philosophical values. He can write or adapt to suit a particular theme or audience in the topics of sales, leadership, ethics, real estate and property investment

Presentations Topics Include

  • Living the Good Life - the integration of business and personal success.
  • Ethics & Profits in Business and Life  -  how a true focus on ethics can create real and long-lasting success.
  • The Inside Secrets of Real Estate - how the real estate industry really works, how to buy and sell   property with safety and success, what the agents say behind your back.


Neil is a brilliant and inspiring speaker who speaks from the heart. 
Financial Commentator, Advisor and Author

Neil Jenman is among the most professional and entertaining speakers I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. His delivery is fresh and sure, his anecdotes relatable and his material fascinating. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone seeking a lively and interesting adjunct to their function. 
Author, Speaker and TV Host

I first attended a Neil Jenman sales seminar in 1992 and found him to be one of the most inspirational speakers I had seen. He is certainly a cut above the rest. His material is very useful and helped me to double my sales figures. Neil’s presentations are always interesting, first class and full of practical information that I have always found very useful. I have learned so much from Neil over the years and just want to say thanks for helping me to improve my life through knowing him and attending his seminars. 
Real Estate Former L J Hooker Salesperson of the Year

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