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Marty Fields


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As a Comedian - Marty Fields is a rapid-fire power station of material and one of the genuine big guns on the Australian comedy circuit. He began his stand-up career in 1987, playing the comedy circuit in hotels and clubs all over the country.

As the bestselling author of three comedy books, he is recognized as Australia’s authority on one-liners for every possible topic. His corporate comedy performances have been praised for the past twenty years by regular clients such as Caltex, Telstra, Coca Cola, Tyrepower, The AFL, Ford, BHP, Shell, IBM, Beaurepaires and Cadbury.

Marty has become a popular presenter on Melbourne’s 3AW. An accomplished pianist and songwriter, Marty can produce specialized songs, jingles and music for events and companies and individuals, as well as being able to add piano/vocal comedy to his standup performances, which can often add that special difference to an event.

As another point of difference, Marty can host a comedy bus tour through any locale, providing commentary on the way that can be as accurate or ridiculous as the client requires.

Recently nominated for a Mo Award as the best stand-up comedian in the country, in 2005 he was inducted into the Australian Comedy Hall Of Fame. Marty is also considered one of our great comedy exports, and has just returned from his fourth tour of the United States where he performed in Phoenix, Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A, Dallas, and headlined for a week at the New York Comedy Club in Manhattan. His attention to detail as well as his ability to tailor his act content to suit all types of audiences and tastes without sacrificing laughs, sets Marty apart as one of the premier corporate comedians in Australia.

Host / MC

Well recognized from his five years on Hey Hey it's Saturday, The Battle of the Sexes, Blankety Blanks or his character Roy Holland on Blue Heelers, as a Host/MC Marty combines his unique style of humour with a finely tuned sense of propriety and occasion. His attention to detail, charisma and twenty years involvement in prestigious corporate events, makes Marty one of the most sought after MCs in the country.

He has hosted successful and diverse functions for most major corporations, both in Australia and overseas, including Toyota, Nestle, CUB, Best Western, Millenium3, Coates Hire, The PGA Tour and TT Line. Marty has presented many awards nights including The Australian Music Awards, ADMA Awards, A.G.C. Awards, the NSW Retail Awards, Australian Greeting Card Awards and the Network Video Awards, as well as major sporting events and fundraising auctions.

Marty has anchored countless major corporate roadshows, traveling the country and the world for Sensis, Hilton Hotels, Beaurepaires and Microsoft.  He has developed impressive interview abilities and has chaired many lively Q&A sessions. Marty also possesses unique auctioning skills and brings humour and excitement to any fundraising auction, having been the host of the weekly auction television program, Bid On TV for the Nine Network.

Another of Marty’s elements is his Comedy Trivia. Three rounds of questions combined with hilarious physical and mental competitions with spot prizes. It’s a terrific way for groups to bond during a conference.

Marty is also able to combine roles as both your occasion’s MC as well as providing a separate and distinctive comedy spot during the event. His ability to seamlessly move from comedy to straight presenting and back again while preserving the tone of the event and integrity of a client’s brief and is unusual and refreshing.

Being able to alter his style and content to suit the specific requirements of every event is an asset that separates Marty from other corporate presenters. He is experienced, meticulous and entertaining.

Comedy Trivia

As a quizmaster and comedian, Marty Fields takes the world of trivia events to a level of entertainment not previously available in Australia.

Combining his iconic comedy pedigree, musical background, talkback radio hosting and extensive corporate MC experience, Marty is able to produce a hilarious and topical trivia entertainment to enhance any event.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to add something different to a corporate gathering.

Marty’s brand of Comedy Trivia has so many elements to it, yet he manages to run it to a tight timeline that can only be achieved through years of stage experience.

The questions can be tailored to your particular event’s theme or field, or you can decide to utilize Marty’s huge database of general knowledge questions.

There are three rounds of fifteen questions, with each round containing a musical question. The difference is that Marty takes advantage of thirty years of pianobar experience by actually singing and playing the question on the piano.

Each round also contains a hilarious heads or tails game to break up the normal questions, where guests can win a smaller prize. These heads or tails games have to be seen to be believed.

There are only two short breaks through the night event where Marty quickly marks the answer sheets and lets the guests know the current standings.

Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd 3rd and last. Prizes can be supplied either by the client or by Marty. All answer sheets, pens stationery and background music during breaks is also provided by Marty so there’s no extra burden on the event organizer.

His capacity to provide any style of tailored music and lyrics to suit the most discerning corporate client combined with his 30+ years of experience in comedy and hosting makes Marty Fields’ Comedy Trivia a reliable and versatile entertainment choice for your next event.

Motivational Speaker

Marty Fields is a motivational speaker like no other. His extensive background in comedy and as a top-rating talkback radio host on Melbourne’s 3AW has made Marty a polished presenter and communicator. He delivers his messages with clarity, relevance and humour. With numerous presentations available including his highly popular “Don’t believe everything you know" and “Better than just OK", Marty Fields is in high demand on the corporate speaking circuit.

Presentation: Better Than Just OK

In “Better than just OK", Marty asks the question, “Can you learn to be happy?"  Depression is the single most common complaint presented to doctors in Western society so psychologists have focused on bringing happiness to unhappy people. But what if you’re feeling ok and just want to be happier? Happiness is the number one motivation and desire behind every single action we make. The science of getting people to their optimum level of enjoyment of life, or ‘Positive Psychology’, is creating the biggest buzz seen in the business world in years. The reason? Because happy people are productive people. Using a number of strategies, Marty, an expert at getting audiences to enjoy themselves, in consultation with a leading Australian psychologist, delivers a crash course on the elusive subject of happiness with tips and strategies to help you live the life you love, and love the life you live.

So many times we hear speakers with a good message but an inability to deliver it well. Marty’s presentation is relevant, current and engaging. The key takeaways are enjoying new challenges, appreciating your successes and not dwelling too long on things you can’t control.

Marty’s been an award winning public speaker and talkback radio host for two decades, and a boost to any business conference.

Presentation: Don’t Believe Everything You Know

Marty’s presentation “Don’t believe everything you know" explores all those facts we believe to be true but actually aren’t. For example, we all know Thomas Edison first invented the light bulb, right? Wrong. The light bulb was invented in 1854 by Heinrich Goebel, 20 years before Edison’s bulb.

But Goebel couldn’t afford to patent the idea. Then an Englishman, Joseph Swan invented another light bulb, perfected it for 15 years and patented it in England, a year before Edison patented his in America. Edison and Swan joined forces to form a successful light bulb company. They both got rich while poor old Goebel died a pauper. But his widow eventually sued Edison and Swan for royalties.

We all know Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy from China, right? Wrong again. There’s not much evidence Marco Polo even visited China. Pasta and noodles were common in ancient Rome, 1,000 years before Marco Polo went anywhere. In fact noodles originated in the Middle East 3000 years ago. It was the sauces that Italy added that made us love their pasta. Marty’s passion for general knowledge and his search for the truth, which has allowed him to talk to his radio callers at length on virtually any subject, makes this an informative and witty presentation, a goldmine of information with a message to question everything.

Comedy Auctioneer

As a Comedian - Marty Fields is a rapid-fire power station of material and one of the genuine big guns on the Australian comedy circuit. He began his stand-up career in 1987, playing the comedy circuit in hotels and clubs all over the country.

But Marty also possesses unique auctioning skills and brings humour and excitement to any fundraising auction.

For two years Marty was the host of the weekly auction television program, Bid On TV for the Nine Network.

It was a crazy blend of comedy, spruiking the products and conducting the auction on live national TV. He handled the bids coming in over the phone and the internet for a rapid fire series of products being auctioned, keeping an eye on reserves, time limits and leading bids.

It was fast, frenetic and funny. And it got results with every item easily exceeding their reserve. And Marty’s capacity to handle the tricky role was the result of having worked the biggest and wildest comedy venues in Australia and the world for nearly thirty years. He monitors bids, audience vibe, pace and interest levels to maintain the energy of the auction. This invariably leads to fantastic sales figures for the auction items.

Apart from comedy, acting and music, Marty actually worked for a Melbourne real estate firm in his twenties, learning the bare bones of auctioneering skills from the best in the business.

He combines that background with his comedy pedigree to deliver an auction that will achieve results financially and keep audiences laughing at the same time.

Marty is also able to combine roles as both your occasion’s MC as well as being the auctioneer. And his ability to seamlessly move from comedy to straight presenting and back again while preserving the tone of the event and integrity of a client’s brief and is unusual and refreshing.

Being able to alter his style and content to suit the specific requirements of every event is an asset that separates Marty from other corporate presenters.


Featuring Marty Fields and Ken Murdoch, Pianomania is a hilarious high energy duelling piano show.
The two best piano/vocalists in Australia combine to present a unique corporate entertainment package. These multi-award winning performers, accompanied by a percussionist, pay tribute to nearly all styles of music, playing the biggest hits from the biggest artists of the modern era, and tailoring the content of their one hour show to suit each audience and event.

Marty Fields, apart from being one of Australia’s premier corporate comedians, is a 25 year veteran of piano bars, having played all over the world as well as being entertainment manager and player-trainer at Howl At The Moon Australia.

Ken Murdoch is one Australia’s music legends, a veteran of ABC’s Countdown as lead singer of the band, Taste, front man for the New Echoes, and is a widely experienced piano-vocal performer and entertainer.

Audience involvement, Stand-up comedy, requests, dancing, costumes, harmonies, sing-alongs, improvisation and even impromptu piano lessons are just part of this whirlwind of piano craziness.

Pianomania is truly the complete corporate entertainment experience.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Host / MC
  • Comedy Trivia
  • Piano Vocal Comedy


Marty, Thanks again for doing such an outstanding job as our conference MC in Alice Springs. It was clear you had taken the time to prep well and I know many of the delegates were impressed with your knowledge of Mortgage Choice and the mortgage broking industry in which we operate. One of the challenges presented with 400+ delegates is getting them to each session on time and it was great to see your bite-size comic routines just after each break enticing them in early enough to hear you introduce the next speaker. And unlike comedian MCs we’d had in the past, if no comedy was required you kept it strictly business. You will be pleased to know that the feedback expressed in our post-conference survey was overwhelming in requesting we get you back next year so congratulations and thanks again for your professionalism and participation over the conference.
Chief Executive Officer, Mortgage Choice Limited

We had Marty Fields MC the Fletchers Real Estate Annual Awards this year. Marty proved to be a great choice for our sponsors, directors, staff and guests. His warm and vibrant personality shone through whilst thanking our sponsors reading a brief description regarding their company. Marty then introduced and assisted our directors in handing out our awards in an extremely professional manner. Marty’s comedy routine was extremely funny and well received and was appropriate to the audience. A comment from one of our Titanium sponsors was that “Marty was able to move quickly between being humble and serious to extremely witty and funny within a matter of seconds”. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marty, a true professional, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to MC or perform at a corporate function or any other function for that matter that required a true professional with a quick wit.
Director & Chief Executive Officer, Fletchers

When entertaining important & valued clients essential to the development of your company, the difference between a good evening and a great evening can often be the X factor. On this front, Marty Fields delivers in spades with a meticulous and hassle free approach to his craft. Marty’s approach both behind the scenes and on stage is flawless, and he should be an immediate inclusion for any corporate organization requiring a top class comedic point of difference.
i2c Design and Management Architects

Marty was absolutely fantastic at our planning debate - a true professional. He is Australian comedy royalty. We look forward to working with him more often.
Operations Manager, Kali Hunter Enterprises Pty Ltd

It was really a pleasure to work with you, Marty. I found your professionalism and ability exceptional in the dual roles of MC and comedian. You blended the two roles seamlessly. I was also very impressed by the way you comprehended the complexities of our night and then explained them with total ease and clarity to our guests.
Australian Greeting Card Association Awards

I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts as M.C at our event. Our decision to use you again this year after your success last year, and the year before, was richly rewarded. You controlled the evening, cutting a path between propriety and hilarity. And all new material! You were sensational and everyone has been raving about you. I truly believe you made the event. We at Cadbury look forward to a long association with you.

We would like to thank you for your amusing and professional support as MC of the Sensis Business Series 2003.  It was brilliant getting to know you on the road show around the country. Thanks for helping to keep the show rolling on with the appropriate amount of laughter!

You were an exceptional highlight to our AGM. Our conservative content guidelines were adhered to very professionally without sacrificing any of the laughs.
Accor Hotels

Your performance at our VIP Christmas event was extraordinary. Our clients raved about you, and the preparation work you had done to make sure you hit the mark on the night was obvious. Congratulations and see you next year.
Sky City Casino Adelaide

From the moment I started negotiations with you, you were very professional, approachable and enthusiastic. I’ll be recommending you to all my associates.
Australasian Shopfitting Company

Thankyou for an amazing performance. It was such an important event for us and your attitude and attention from inception to performance made our organizing job easy. How do you do it?

Marty is an extremely talented and funny man, and he knows his football too! You’re an AFL endorsed entertainer.
Australian Football League (AFL) Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the Victoria Golf Club I wish to express our thanks for your support both on the course and at our dinner on Easter Saturday. All who attended voted it as one of our best nights ever at the Club.
Victoria Golf Club

Thank you for the wonderful job you did as our public speaker at our recent Allhank Classic Dinner. We had so many complimentary comments from our clients. I would like to echo those remarks by thanking your sterling efforts. Apart from your animated personality and talent, your thorough professionalism and your preparation of material ensured your performance was very relevant and personal to our audience.
Allhank Trading Company

A jam-packed performance. Absolutely side splitting!
TNT Australia

Marty captured the audience in the first few seconds and held them for over 30 mins with non-stop laughter. His delivery was fast and funny - pitched at the right level for the group attending our business dinner.
Ezard Marketing

Marty was excellent, and provided just the right combination of humour and ad-lib commentary to create a great atmosphere for the evening. 
Chapman Marketing

Marty was great, he was awesome, he was professional I would recommend Marty to anyone that would like a good laugh! No smoky bar, no dim lights, no alcohol affected audience, no mike and 8.30 in the morning, yet Marty still managed to rouse up the room and give us all a genuine laugh - the man is brilliant!
Corporate Express

“Excellent. Marty was a fantastic success and the perfect guest speaker for the Master Builders Annual Dinner. He had the audience in tears ! and was an absolute pleasure to deal with.“
BDW Special Events

“There is a reason why we have engaged you to host at least a dozen of our newspaper’s events over the past few years: we know that whatever happens on the night, as long as the event is in your hands, all will be fine. Your capacity to adapt on the spot to any unforeseen circumstances, as well as liven up the night when needed while retaining an entertaining flow is unmatched. We look forward to a continued relationship with you." 
Southern Highland News

Marty kept the team highly energized right throughout our sales conference with his incredible sense of timing, quick wit & appropriate humour.
Ron Bousimon
Campbell Arnotts

This year was a massive first. During the night I had an extraordinary number of people approach me and comment on how much they were enjoying the night. The main driver in this was the MC. Marty was sensational. He absolutely owned the event. The ability to keep the audience quiet for the formal proceedings was a first. Mix this with his stand up which had the crowd in riotous laughter, the ability to link his sets to band and auction activity meant there was not one minute of idle time. It was the quickest six hours of my life. As of yesterday I am still receiving calls from suppliers present on the night with comments of “best ever night", “please do not forget me next year" and one comment of "I felt privileged to be there."  
Big W - Victoria / Tasmania

The structure you provided as MC and keeping the show on the road, including the excellence of your comedy performance provided the special 'addition' that made for a memorable function. 
Graeme Lukey, A.M.C.

It was a difficult audience who in the main had just arrived from interstate and overseas, but Marty showed he was a true professional and definitely got the conference off to a flying start. 
Victoria Police

Marty is an excellent comedian and host - Short, sharp and snappy routine, and we loved the ANZ research he did - he was eager to please. And that list of countries piece he does is jaw droppingly clever.
ANZ Banking Group Ltd

We have put a short survey around to all that attended on the night and all the respondents commented on how great Marty was.  From an organizer’s point of view he was great to work with.  We would have no hesitation in using him again in both roles - his comedy routine in particular was outstanding.

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