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Candy Tymson


Communications - Facilitation - Keynote Speakers - Management - Marketing - Mentoring - Motivation - Psychology - Small Business - Social Issues - Social Trends - Strategy - Women in Business - Workshops

Gender Communicator

Candy Tymson is author of Gender Games: Doing business with the opposite sex, and co-author of The Australian and New Zealand Public Relations Manual. Candy’s engaging and entertaining presentations impart her considerable experience in gender communications, business management, public relations, and marketing. She brings to the stage twenty five years of know-how, has achieved accreditation as a Certified Speaking Professional, and is an experienced executive coach.

Candy is an expert in the field of business communications, Candy Tymson has more than 25 years managerial experience in public relations and marketing. As a business educator and keynote speaker she has worked with some of Australia’s top 100 companies including Telstra, CSR and Westpac. She has coached managing directors from leading companies, addressed numerous conferences and seminars and worked with non-profit organisations and community groups.

Candy has run programs with organisations such as NSW Health Department, Reader’s Digest, Federal Airport Corporation and Myer.

In her role as a public relations practitioner, Candy has co-ordinated many high profile events including the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Clients have included Apple Computer, Telstra Australia, CRS – Wool Panel Division and the CSIRO’s Riverside Corporate Park Project.

A fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia Candy is also the co-author of The Australian Public Relations Manual, the recognised textbook in colleges and universities throughout Australia, and author of The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Publicity, Special Events and Fundraising.

The Australian Institute of Management Bookshops named her latest book, Gender Games: Doing Business with the Opposite Sex, one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year.

Candy is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the highest international accreditation designated by the International Federation of Professional Speakers-achieved by only 7% of speakers worldwide. She is also accredited in DiSC (analysis of personality behaviours); a Certified NLP Trainer; and an Accredited Speaker with the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Keynote Presentations and Workshops include:

-Gender Games - Doing Business with the Opposite Sex
-How to Promote your Business for Little or No Cost - Get into the minds of your customers without investing a fortune
-Have you Read any Good People Lately? - Learn what drives and motivates people to help you successfully manage client and staff relationships
-Selling to Women - Women have become a major consumer force...Are you cashing in on this lucrative market or losing sales to more female-friendly competition?
-Handling Difficult People & Situations - This session will provide you with the latest skills in negotiation and conflict resolution and teach you how to build rapport and motivate others.

Gender Games

Doing Business with the Opposite Sex

 -  The changing dynamics of business in Australasia is having a major impact.
 -  40% of the workforce is now female
 -  55% of university graduates last year were women
 -  34% of small business is currently run by women and that figure is expected to grow to 50% within the next five years
 -  Women buy 80% of consumer products

In this session you will:

 -  Discover the results of extensive research on the male and female styles of communication. How they are different and why.
 -  Find out who are today’s ‘most successful managers’ and why.
 -  Understand the impact of three generations battling it out in the workplace. Where do you fit? Are you equipped for the next wave?
 -  Learn 10 strategies to make you more successful and persuasive when selling and negotiating with the opposite sex.

Presentation Topics Include:

  • Management
  • Public relations and marketing
  • Gender differences
  • Business educator
  • Business Communication


Candy involved every member of the group and used a variety of activities to ensure skills and knowledge gained would be transferred back to the workplace. Several months later, the team is still talking about what they learned. 
Human Resources Executive, Commonwealth Bank 

Your interactive and enthusiastic style of presentation was inspirational, motivating participants to work collectively as an industry. The workshop gave us the clear steps and commitment we needed to ensure our vision could become a reality
Executive Director, Private Hospitals Association 

We are already using some of your techniques and getting great sales results!
Sales Director, Real Estate Agency 

You challenged my team, gave them skills they could easily apply and inspired them to look at things differently. The results are already starting to flow…
National General Manager, Telstra 

“Candy is a brilliant communicator with skills few people possess. Her style makes the information both memorable and fun".
Australian Marketing Institute 

“Candy has a unique ability to enthuse everyone with whom she works. She is a dynamic woman who gets results through demonstrating that anything is possible."
Sydney Airport 

“Whether it’s acting as a facilitator or training a group on media skills, Candy knows the secrets to making an audience feel relaxed and involved. “She's Great!""
National Business Bulletin 

“Everyone sits up and takes notice when Candy is speaking – she motivates, educates and entertains a spellbound audience."
NSW Health Department

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