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Toby Travanner


After Dinner - Business - Facilitation - Keynote Speakers - MC's & Facilitators - Master of Ceremonies - Motivation - Sales - Teamwork - Workshops

Facilitator - Sales/ Marketing/ Motivation

R.E. (Toby) Travanner is a professional corporate trainer, keynote presenter, master of ceremonies and consultant. His primary area of expertise is coaching individuals and teams to realise their business and personal goals especially in the areas of sales and marketing. 

He is an entertaining and challenging facilitator, with a reputation for high-energy, high-contact presentations. Toby consistently achieves 'excellent' ratings from the participants of his sessions, with most of his clients rating him as the best presenter they have ever worked with.

Being well versed in many industries and with over 14 years of experience in consulting to provide peak personal performance (providing a 'return on intellect' to organisations), Toby is able to capture and motivate audiences with real, 'take home' techniques and attitudes.

With global experience of business and personal cultures, Toby tailors his presentations and facilitated sessions specifically to the strategic environment of his clients and will often develop new techniques and methodologies to meet the continuing demands of people development in business today. This customisation means that new ideas are more likely to be used and implemented by participants in his programs that are more likely to lead to a significant impact to the success of an organisation. 


"My personal thanks to you for making this conference a success from start to finish. Your commitment and professionalism that helped to deliver the desired outcome are truly recognised." 
Heinz Watties Australasia

"These sorts of presentations … usually rate highly but I must comment that your presentation was possibly the best I have seen. Your enthusiasm and energy is very evident in your delivery style and the ability to keep a group of people awake for an after dinner session is to be congratulated." 
Ernst & Young Consulting

"Your session received the highest rating of the day!" 
Melbourne Business School

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