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John Vamos


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CEO Business Coaching Systems

John Vamos is Australia’s leading business coach and is at the forefront of business strategy thought leadership. His book, “you don’t think as smart as you are’ challenges readers to embrace his thinking systems to extract the maximum from their brain, their staff and their businesses.

His internationally acclaimed methodologies for team building, planning, performance management, strategic development and sustainable growth have assisted over 4000 enterprises to achieve peak performance.

John believes that too many organizations waste time trying to create unique processes for some parts of their business when universally available processes will do the job just as well. Conversely he sees universal processes being applied in parts of the business when unique processes are required.

John demonstrates how companies can get the right balance to hard wire simple systems in a disciplined fashion to get maximum efficiency in areas that are basic. He then demonstrates how to develop unique systems in the areas that really make a difference, creating truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Business Coaching has had rapid growth around the world , but there a few barriers to entry with many people adopting this title with sometimes tragic results. Johns company “Business Coaching Systems’ is recognized as the most professional in Australia and he leads the industry towards an accreditation system. The University of Technology in Sydney has partnered with Business Coaching Systems to quantify and qualify the validity of business coaching. This research will set standards of excellence and best practice for this important but institutionally as yet unrecognized field of practice.

John is an engaging, impactful and masterful speaker who with a dry sense of humor helps to simplify the complex world of business strategy, structure, staff and systems to add a disciplined approach to business. He delivers it in simple language that will engage staff and have them buy into the best way to do business. He also runs one and 2 day workshops that see the leadership team produce a detailed business plan complete with key success factors, key result areas and key performance indicators right through the business.

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