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Keith Scott

Keith Scott


Actors / Actresses - After Dinner - Celebrity Motivational - Comedy - Corporate Hosting - Emcee - Entertainment - Hoax Characters - Humour - Keynote Speakers - MC's & Facilitators - Master of Ceremonies - Product Launch - Radio Personalities - TV Personalities

Impressionist & Comedian

When it comes to entrusting the character voices for many Disney and Warner Bros. characters, they both turned exclusively to Keith Scott. Our most prolific voice over and character voice artist Keith is the master mimic. He has extensive local and international experience as an Emcee, product presenter and comedian. The man of a 1000 voices entertains and enthralls his audiences.

Keith Scott is the nation's leading voice impressionist - heard in thousands of radio and TV voice-over commercials over the last 15 years, and seen on many TV variety shows from "Hey Hey it's Saturday" to Ray Martin's "Midday Show" to a Royal Variety Gala for the Commonwealth Games. Keith Scott has over 500 distinct and distinguishable voices in his repertoire, ranging from old movie stars to politicians to current media names. He has entertained countless audiences all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Los Angeles.

Ever wondered how you can get dozens of celebrities, actors, sports people, politicians etc into one room and have them all make a contribution to your event?

Well by inviting Keith Scott to your next function you’ll go a long way to achieving just that. It might be anything from a swank, black tie awards dinner, a casual Christmas office bash, product launch, conference warm-up or wedding. Whatever the function, Keith Scott's unique brand of comedy will inject your evening / luncheon / breakfast with just the right topper to leave your clients richly amused Keith has spent more than 30 years as Australia’s leading cartoon voice and impressionist. His career began in 1972 at the Sydney office of cartoon studio Hanna-Barbara Productions. Two years later he was established in voice work on TV and radio commercials, where he began to put his amazing range of voice imitations to work.

Stand up comedy always attracted Keith so throughout the next 10 years he made scores of appearances on TV variety shows including Hey Hey It’s Saturday and The Midday Show, with his stand up appearances at corporate functions proving highly popular with multitudes of companies.

As an impressionist, Keith Scott has the widest range in his field, with over 500 distinct take-offs of everyone from old time movie stars to local and international politicians. When you add his original characters and accents, he can truly be called the Man of a Thousand Voices.

In 1984, Keith began working for Yoram Gross Film Studio, eventually supplying all the male character voices for the animated TV series Blinky Bill, Tabaluga and Skippy. He can also be heard daily, skewering the reputations of media and political figures on the national radio satire How Green was my Cactus, now in its eighteenth year.

But it is as an expert “duplicator" of the great Hollywood cartoon voices that Keith has become internationally recognised for. In 1990 he was made the official voice of Warner Brothers’ “Looney Tunes" characters for the Southern Hemisphere and has re created Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and others in countless animated commercials and promotional activities.

In 1992, Universal Studios in Hollywood hired Keith as the authorised voice of Bullwinkle and Moose from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon series. And in 1997 the Walt Disney Company flew Keith to Hollywood to be the narrator of their highly successful comedy feature film George of the Jungle.

Throughout January to June 2000, Keith was in Los Angeles, doing all the narration work and the voice of Bullwinkle for the new Rocky & Bullwinkle movie. He worked “side by side" with Robert DeNiro, Whoopi Goldberg & Jason Alexander.

A sophisticated comic, why not invite Keith to MC your evening and introduce your various speakers. He’s done everything from a Royal Variety Gala for the Commonwealth Games to performing before Royalty, politicians including four Prime Ministers who sat spellbound hearing their own voices saying things they wouldn’t normally dare!!

So if you’d like to send your guests home with a good laugh, call on master mimic, satirist and comedy star Keith Scott.

He’ll bring all his ‘guests’ along at no extra charge!

Presentation Topics Include

  • Comedy Spot
  •  Master of Ceremonies with comedy


Brilliant, had the crowd wetting their pants
Independent Garden Centres

Crowd enjoyed his performance and we had all ages from 18-70 yrs. Did the voices and singing brilliantly.
Dexar Group

Keith was very professional and accommodating of our last minute request. Keith was very good at adjusting his presentation to suit the crowd, the atmosphere and the venue.
Jacinta Watt Events

“Excellent.  Very entertaining.  Up to date with the latest news and happenings.  Highly recommended." 
Tivet Group Pty Ltd

“Excellent.  Keith had a special rapport with the crowd – everyone loved him and he was very funny, very friendly and personable. 
AW Edwards Pty Ltd

“Excellent.  Keith made our night a success.  He turned what could have been an ordinary night into something people are still talking about! 
Merck Sharp & Dohme

“Excellent.  Had everyone in the whole place in stitches.  Very professional – lots of fun.  Just what we needed! 
Barracuda Pty Ltd

“Excellent.  Crowd thoroughly enjoyed performance & we received excellent feedback from the client." 
Worldwide Concerts Pty Ltd

“Excellent.  I feel he could handle almost any style of event from small corporate to a large public audience." 
Muswellbrook Coal Co. Ltd

“Excellent.  I personally was not at the function, however my client was extremely happy with Keith’s performance." 
EAO Entertainment

Canberra Tourism & Events Corporation

“Excellent.  Extremely funny, cooperative as our timing was running late – calm and good to talk to – PROFESSIONAL." 
Baringa Private Hospital

“Excellent.  Thoroughly entertaining & our guests loved Keith.  Great humour & also a very warm & approachable individual. 
Lindemans Wines

“Excellent – a tough audience who have seen everyone. We couldn’t have asked for more in Canberra than Keith and all his special guests." 

“Excellent.  Performed as ‘Master of Ceremonies’ tying the industry speakers segments together with humour. His comedy segment had our function audience doubled over with laughter, topical comedy and political satire for excellence." 
McGrath Parts & Paint

“Excellent.  Extremely entertaining!  Keith had the audience captured from the moment he began through to the end.  Keith is an amazingly talented person and we thank him for assisting us with our GF brunch." 
Essendon Football Club

“Excellent.  It is not an easy job to entertain 400 odd cemetery personnel but Keith was fantastic and had them crying with laughter at 9.15 in the morning." 
Robyn Smith Conferences & Events

“Excellent.  The audience loved him.  Keith was approachable, professional and a pleasure to work with." 
Raymond Weil Australasia

“General feedback on Keith was great.  He was very clever and extremely professional." 
Hyatt Regency – Adelaide

“Excellent.  Keith did an outstanding job as both the MC and comedian on the evening and had the audience in hysterics." 

“Excellent.  Very entertaining, kept everyone laughing, a true professional

“Keith’s professional approach was much appreciated.  His performance was both suited and appropriate to the audience." 
LG Pro

“Excellent. Very entertaining, the general feedback from delegates at the conference that he was good value and a lot of fun." 
Attorney Generals Department (PSCC)

“Excellent. A real surprise find; we did not know of Keith previously. His presentation was fast-moving and very amusing." 
Finance & Treasury Association Ltd

“I really enjoyed your show and regard it as the funniest performance I have seen in many years.  Well done!  It’s incredibly difficult to hold a crowd and you carried it off magnificently." 

“He kept them very well entertained and involved through the 35 minutes and he was given a great ovation, that concluded with an encore.  In the end, a very happy and well entertained audience, who commented to me on many occasions that his performance was extremely humorous, and his ability to impersonate the variety of celebrities that he did, was AMAZING!!" 
Reliance Petroleum Pty Ltd

“Keith kept the audience entertained from start to finish. He was very witty and the character voice imitations were amazing. Its always slightly nerve racking when employing someone new to entertain your audience in case they don't perform to standard and Keith went over and above this." 
Goodyear Auto Service Centres

“Excellent.  Keith had everyone in stitches - very talented and very funny."
Chamber of Commerce NT 

‘Keith was the perfect MC for our function."
Lithgow Chamber of Commerce

“I would like to thank Keith Scott for making our night a very special one - he was excellent."
Invocare Australia

“Keith was first class – He was funny and works harder than most entertainers because he tailored the night to suit the client and the brief. Everybody enjoyed Keith and I look forward to the opportunity of using Keith again."
Aim Higher Marketing

“Excellent. Keith Scott was perfect for our particular function as he was able to take on the role as M.C. as well as perform his unique brand of humour." 
Grafton Midday Rotary Club

“Excellent. Absolutely brilliant. The audience loved him. He was SO well received and his material was perfectly pitched for the group." 
Australian Institute of Chartered Loss Adjustors

"Excellent, Keith was just fantastic and the fact that he spoke fairly early in the evening really set the tone - which was "everyone was very happy" and had a terrific time. People were just in stiches".
Private Function

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