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Ky Furneaux

Ky Furneaux


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Stunt Performer / Extreme Survival

Ky Furneaux has 15 years of experience as an Outdoor Guide and is an award-winning international stunt performer living and working in Hollywood. Most recently she participated in Discovery’s ‘Everest of survival shows’ – “Naked and Afraid” proving that she has the stamina to survive for 21 days with nothing in the deadly Louisiana swamplands. She has been featured as a survival expert on MTV’s “Made”, and produced and co-hosted “Hike for Survival”, a sponsored, 125-mile trek across the Sierra Nevada mountain range living off the land. The hike was covered by the LA Times, ABC, and local news.

Her athletic ability and fight training has helped her land some notable stuntwoman jobs, including “The Avengers”, “Thor”, “X-Men”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Hancock” and many more. She was named 2012 World Stunt Woman of the year at the World Taurus Stunt Awards, the stunt world’s equivalent of an Oscar win.  

A native Australian, Ky has been chosen as one of the Who’s Who of Australian Women for the last three years in a row for her persona as a strong, positive female role model. She has appeared on many Australian news networks, including Channel Ten’s “The Morning Show”, Channel Nine’s “Today Tonight”, and Channel Seven’s “Sunrise”.

As an outdoor guide, Ky has spent over fifteen years taking people on extreme trips as a rock climbing, rappelling, kayaking, sailing and hiking guide. These trips have ranged anywhere from one day in the Southern Ocean, to sixteen days in Australia’s extreme outback, and with groups as diverse as sixty-year-old business men, juvenile offenders with one foot in the prison system, and thirteen-year-old private school girls who have never walked off of concrete before. She was the sole person responsible for their safety and enjoyment of their natural experience.

Ky has travelled extensively in over forty-two countries including much of South America, South East Asia and Africa.

Ky has written a book titled “Girl’s Own Survival Guide” which aims to help women confront their fears about the world around them, both in the great outdoors and also in the Urban Jungle. It is an empowering fresh take on an age-old topic and published in 2014 in Australia by Penguin Books and in the USA by Skyhorse Publishing.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Surviving the Hollywood Stunt Industry – anecdotes of a stunt performer
  • The challenges of completing the most extreme survival show ever produced, Discovery’s ‘Naked and Afraid’
  • Never Giving Up – how to become everything you can be
  • Tackling problems in the modern world using ancient life preserving survival techniques
  • “Girl’s Own Survival Guide” – empowering women using ancient, proven survival tactics and attitudes
  • Facing your fears and stepping outside your comfort zone


Ky is one of life's fighters and survivors- I love her spirit and determination to live her life to the max!
Man vs Wild

After watching Ky on Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid, she quickly became an inspiration because of her calm, level-headed and rational demeanor. The SuperWoman's Survival Guide is an extension of her first hand knowledge with captivating Hollywood stories, gently guiding even the most metropolitan women, like me!

This book not only appeals to the woman who wants to empower herself and be able to cope with some of the things life throw at them, but it is also great reading for us guys too.
Online Blogger

I am very proud to say that Ky was my stunt double on 2 projects and I trusted her then and I trust her words in this book. Thank god she leaked some of her knowledge for women like me!
Actress & Host of Wipeout

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