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Rik Rushton

Rik Rushton


Business - Change Management - Coaching - Competitive Advantage - Goal Setting - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Leadership - Life Planning - Moderators - Motivation - Networking - Personal Development - Property - Real Estate - Small Business - Social Trends - Teamwork - Time Management - Training - Trends - Workshops

Leading Real Estate Professional

Rik has achieved extraordinary things in his sales, leadership, business and training career. He’s been CEO of a highly awarded and phenomenally successful 8 office Real Estate Group, taking more than 50 staff to their next level, both as a group and as individuals. He’s consulted with some of the Australia's leading companies and their sales professionals. Rik delivers his dynamic programs in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the USA. Rik provides empowering tips and strategies for personal improvement and performance that stimulates, educates and inspires his audiences.

About Rik

Even while still in his 20s, Rik Rushton had been appointed head trainer for the Australian Real Estate Network. Before he’d hit 30, he’d already received awards for "Excellence in Training" as well as a "Highly Commended Young Achiever Award" from his industry peers.

By the mid 90s, Rik’s vision had been born: “To create a training company that could achieve a simple mission - to deliver the highest quality personal development programs empowering individuals to their next level in business and life!" Thus it was that Insight Personal Development came into being.

That’s still Rik’s driving force today.

Rik has achieved extraordinary things in his sales, leadership, business and training career. He’s been CEO of a highly awarded (and phenomenally successful) 8 office Real Estate Group, taking more than 50 staff to their next level, both as a group and as individuals.

He’s consulted with some of the Australia's leading companies and their sales professionals. By the end of the 90s, Rik was also travelling extensively, delivering his dynamic programs in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the USA.

He has shared the spotlight with success speaking Icons such as Jim Rohn, Dr. Denis Waitley, Anthony Robbins, Michael Gerber, Stephen Covey and Sir Richard Hadlee.

In 1997, for example, having graduated from Mastery University in the USA, Rik was already working with celebrated American Sales Professional, Bob Wolff and the REMAX team in America.

Together with John McGrath, CEO of McGrath Estate Agents, one of Australasia’s fastest growing companies, Rik has presented 5 dynamic sessions on the fundamentals of success to the largest real estate convention ever held in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rik also enjoyed sharing the 'success secrets' of the world's top achievers on his weekly 3AK radio segment in Melbourne, providing empowering tips and strategies for personal improvement and performance that stimulated, educated and inspired his listeners.

And on it goes. On stage with David Knox at the NAR Conventions in San Francisco, Orlando & Las Vegas. Touring Australia with David Knox and Dr. Denis Waitley. Invited to speak with Jim Rohn, the world’s #1 Business Educator. Continues to write best selling training products for the business community. Working with elite coaches in the field of professional sports, including Wayne Bennett, the NRL’s longest serving coach and Brian Goorjian, the NBL’s most successful coach of all time as well as working in two AFL programs adds a dynamic dimension to Rik’s coaching skills. Professional athletes are now added to Rik’s roster, including sports identities from the nation’s leading football clubs, professional golf tour and the prestigious Olympic Arenas. Rik’s list of achievements, and accolades, continues to grow in line with the results he has helped create for his clients. 

Rik’s training continues to empower and inspire countless thousands. The secret?

"The willingness to be a life long learner and the discipline to change are the two indispensable qualities," says Rik. “Today, Insight Personal Development is the thriving realisation of a lifetime spent being a "student" rather then a "product" of my environment. In any given moment, a new set of choices, a new set of actions and a new set of results are just a decision away! Ultimately, it is actions, not words, that determine the outcome of our lives!".

Presentation Topics Include

  • The Power of Connection
    • How to become a Master Communicator in your workplace, your headspace and at your place
  • The Power of Leading The Way
    • How to become a quality leader professionally, personally and in your community
  • The Power of Growth
    • How to develop the path to progress in your career and your personal sphere
  • Enhancing The Customer Experience
    • How to win "heart share" in the age of disruption
  • Strategic Influence
    • How to build relationships that create stronger outcomes in your personal and professional life
  • The Very Best is Yet To Come
    • How to achieve work life balance in challenging times


I was amazed how skillfully Rik Rushton could firstly introduce, then summarise each session and every speaker’s main points all the while making the connection to how the information can be applied to our Business; (and all without any notes from what I could tell)! He has a great way of simplifying the sessions learnings.

We go to a lot of conferences as a management team and sometimes you see MC’s trying to take over and compete with the speakers. On rare occasions you find a great host and Rick was certainly that! His support of Meg was really well done! He made sure the interview was about her and the impact she has had. Please pass over our congratulations to him. 

He was funny and engaging and kept the day on time and on track. Great job.

Was exactly what you want an emcee to be. Engaging, empathetic and great energy with the ability to energise the audience which helps the speakers no doubt.
Colliers International

Rik obviously knows how to package speakers and their messages. We appreciated the continuous “plugs” throughout the day.
Kuga Electrical

I am not a fan of these types of conferences in general and was in the room under sufferance, (because my boss clearly is a fan of these type of conferences and made it a compulsory team event). My goal was to sit up the back and return emails etc but found the day was very well run so in no small part that was due to the MC. Before I knew it I was putting my hand up at the start from question 1 and leaving with ‘clear thinking’ at the end so thank you. 
Kuga Electrical

We rated the day highly for its content and delivery in previous question so to that end we have to acknowledge the MC who was very polished. You cannot have a great program without someone bringing it all together which he did extraordinarily well. 

Meeting Rik was more than just a career changing day! It was a life changing day. Footy clubs have plenty of coaches to help you win each week. Few have Peak Performance coaches that can help you win in the greater game of life. His ability to teach leadership and life skills has made a major impact on my career and our club as well as my personal life
Western Bulldogs AFL

Rik has a talent for taking complex communication, leadership and customer service strategies and making them simple for my teams to implement to drive greater levels of revenue and customer satisfaction. Recently I had Rik come into SCA and provide a motivational/sales process talk to my sales team of 20. The brief was as follows – “My revenue is way back YOY, my budgets are astronomical and my culture is being affected by this” – Rik’s not only answered the brief but was able to articulate in laymen’s terms some eye opening but yet career changing insights into the world of sales for my National Account Managers. Suffice to say I will be utilizing Rik again in the coming months.
Southern Cross Austreo

Rik has attended every AREC conference since 1997 as
a host, MC, consultant and dynamic keynote speaker. He has the ability to speak to a conference audience of 4,000 as if he is speaking to them “one on one” and we consider him at McGrath as one of the elite sales trainers in the country.
McGrath Estate Agents

Rik Rushton is held within the highest regard at the Mantra Group as our “go to guy” meeting our needs from conducting intimate workshops for our sales team providing them with sales techniques through to hosting and delivering at major conferences specifically in the areas of communication, Leadership and the customer experience. Rik is one of the elite few speakers we recommend to external clients that use our facilities for their company’s conferences and retreats.
General Manager Peppers Broadbeach

Having run events for over 20 years, I can’t help but always come back to Rik as my first choice given the emcee role is the most important component of any successful event. The energy of the room, the timing, the consolidation of speaker messages, the management of things that don’t go to plan are all areas that Rik thrives in. He has great energy on stage, can read the audience and knows what needs to be done to keep them engaged. He sums up the sessions so well and reinforces the session take-aways ensuring a seamless event.
LJ Hooker Australia

Rik Rushton is an expert on the subject of communication. He is someone who has the ability to communicate his expertise in an eloquent, enlightening and engaging way. I know Rik both as a friend and colleague having worked with him on several major conferences. Believe me this guy practises what he preaches. 
The Sumo Guy

It’s almost impossible to get a speaker who can connect with all of the different personality types that make up our team here at the NAB however Rik is one of those rare individuals who can stimulate experienced executives, educate rookies and inspire the whole team to move forward.
Team NAB

Rik ticks so many boxes for us. Speaker, facilitator, MC and dynamic communicator. That’s why we’ve continued to use him internally as well as offering his services to our external clients. 
Crown Events Melbourne

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