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Yvonne Bornstein

Yvonne Bornstein


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True Story of Kidnap

Yvonne Bornstein is a corporate executive. a wife, a mother and a kidnap victim. She is now an author of her biography 'Eleven Days of Hell' a terrifyingly true story of kidnap, torture and dramatic rescue by the FBI and KGB. Through her own research into the confidential case, Bornstein skillfully weaves a heart-thumping narrative of drama and intrigue worthy of a top-notch spy novel.

On January 6, 1992 Yvonne Weinstock (now Bornstein) landed in Moscow on a business trip. She had just left the airport when she was ambushed, kidnapped and held for ransom for 11 horrifying days in a dilapidated country house by a gang of Chechen rebels who were in reality far more cold-blooded conspirators in a sinister plot that joined the Russian Mob, ex-KGB agents and early Al qaeda operatives looking to fund terrorism, no matter the cost of human life.

As told by Yvonne Bornstein who will never be free of the painful echoes, she has written of her incredible story of those "Eleven Days of Hell - A terrifyingly True Story of Kidnap, Torture and Dramatic rescue by the FBI and KGB and one of history's unlikeliest rescue operations.

Against all odds, the FBI and Russian intelligence agencies joined forces for the first and only time in history. Reliving the agony, horror and torture she endured, Bornstein also unravels the twists and turns of the rescue mission. Through her own research into the confidential case, Bornstein skillfully weaves a heart-thumping narrative of drama and intrigue worthy of a top-notch spy novel.

Yvonne Bornstein writes from the heart about the devastating impact of the kidnapping on her marriage and her life and shares her new found appreciation for the simple, meaningful things she had come to overlook in her drive to the top of the corporate business world - lessons in life that apply to all of us.


Yvonne Bornstein, author of “Eleven Days of Hell, A terrifying True Story of Kidnap, Torture and dramatic rescue by the FBI and KGB” wrote her new book because she was compelled to. It took her twelve years to get far enough past the trauma of her kidnapping, torture and rescue to be able to relay her story.

It was in January of 1992 that Bornstein, a wife, mother of two, and businesswoman, found herself caught up in the political disintegration of the Soviet Union. The KGB was disbanded, and many of its operatives moved into the shady underbelly of criminal society.

Capitalism was taking hold and new business ventures were springing up between the international business community and the newly monetarily motivated Russian. It is against this backdrop that Yvonne and then husband Daniel Weinstock found themselves caught. Under the auspices of a deal gone bad, the couple was kidnapped, tortured and held for $1.6 US ransom.

Yvonne was born in Perth, Western Australia where she spent the first 20 of her life. She married in1976. A nasty divorce took place four years later. A subsequent engagement ended several months before her wedding when her fiancé was murdered during a robbery that took place in the driveway while Yvonne looked on from inside the home they shared.

After almost 7 years, she met the charismatic young widower, Daniel Weinstock with whom she fell in love and soon married. She became a successful businesswoman jointly operating the couple’s lucrative international barter trade business. The expansion of the business took them to Russia. It is this part of Yvonne’s life that is the basis of her book.

Sadly, the postscript of the kidnapping was the break-up of Yvonne’s marriage to Daniel Weinstock, they became two people isolated in their own fear. Today, Yvonne Bornstein lives in Australia.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The kidnapping, rescue and the effect on Yvonne's life.


You put on an amazing presentation! You entertained us with your persona and held us captive with your charm.
You are an outstanding presenter, as well as a woman of passion and courage, making our event EXTRAordinary! Thank you for such a great effort.
Maximum Success Seminars

Thank you for your moving presentation, which was the highlight for many attendees who mentioned it to me during the afternoon! It was the “stop and think” part of the symposium, which is what a good keynote is! I really appreciate your courage for being able to speak of your atrocities.
Project Management Institute, New Jersey Chapter

Thank you for a moving performance and a great day!
Director Solution Consultants, New Jersey

Just wanted to let you know that your book made me laugh, scream, cry and rejoice all at the same time. What strength you have and what grief and sadness you endured to become the woman you are today. God bless you and your family and keep you safe at all times.
RMS Recovery Services, Melbourne

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