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Helena Popovic

Dr. Helena Popovic


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Work Life Balance

Keynote speaker Dr. Helena Popovic MBBS is a leading authority on how to improve brain function and how our lifestyles impact our health and performance. She's also a well-known medical doctor, author and international speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Choose Health – Better Living for Busy People, a consultancy founded on the ideal that education is more powerful than medication. Helena graduated from the University of Sydney in 1995.

Helena has been on the forefront of the movement for peak performance through peak health, helping people age slowly in an era of fast living. She's also enthusiastic about teaching corporations, businesses and individuals the link between success and neuroscience, as well as empowering them to lead happier, healthier lives. Helena also leads her own innovative weight loss program: Winning at Slimming – Thinking the light way.

Helena wrote the the inspiring book, “In Search of My Father: Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination”. In the book, she shares her personal story of how she worked through the onset of her father's dementia. The narrative is a humour-filled, touching account of her experience, while at the same time a lesson in how to strengthen your brain no matter your age and how to become a better leader and manager of change.

Helena’s presentations are dynamic. They create results you can see: enhanced performance, heightened productivity, and decisive problem solving; all of which lead to a more satisfying life. Helena enables her audiences to rejuvenate their zeal for life and work by embracing the power of their daily choices.

Helena has also become a popular source for the media. She's appeared on ABC Radio National's “Life Matters”, Channel 10’s “The Project” and “The Circle”, Afternoons with James Valentine, ABC Radio Nightlife with Tony Delroy, and ABC Radio in each state; as well as commercial radio Canberra 2CC, Mindfood Radio, Sydney 2UE and 2GB, Brisbane 4BC, Melbourne 3AW, and Community Radio Network Australia The Conversation.

Helena and her father appeared on Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise for Dementia Awareness Week and their story has been featured in health magazines such as Prevention and popular lift-out Body+Soul.

Helena has also made appearances in the U.S.A., presenting on Power Women Radio and The Health & Wellness Entrepreneur.

Helena's enthusiastic and to-the-point guest speaker presentations and workshops earned her top honours at the 2012 NSAA NSW Lightening Talk Competition.

Years of experience as a health expert along with Helena's pointed, entertaining style are the cornerstone of her keynote presentations. The same drive for a healthy lifestyle that pushed her to start several of her own successful health-based initiatives is present each time she takes the podium or lectern at a conference or convention. She talks about mental health issues with a passion only present in those who've lived through the experiences in their own family.

Helena's keynote-speaker topics include the areas of mental health, work-life balance, dementia awareness, peak performance and other key issues which affect the daily lives of a company's work force. Her stories and wisdom will make your audiences pause, laugh, cry and rethink the way they view their health and the health of those they love.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Work life balance
  • Weight Loss
  • Peak performance
  • Better Living for busy people
  • Dementia awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Brain function


Helena is the most extraordinary person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have never known someone who is so positive about everything they undertake, and her enthusiasm for anything she does is infectious. She throws herself into her work with passion and drive and she has the unique ability to motivate, captivate and inspire those around her. I find her spirit uplifting. Anything is possible with energy and enthusiasm. Helena is a testament to that. She is a truly inspiring individual.
Consular Official, Australian Consulate General, Frankfurt, Germany

Wow! Helena is an amazing source of motivation, innovation and inspiration. Her message will change the world!
Senior Policy Officer

The feedback from your session was extremely positive. I had many people coming up in the following weeks stating they had made changes to improve their health (mostly via diet or exercise) and that it made perfect sense to do so. Funnily enough, when people usually say something like this, there is a certain tone of voice used – as if they are dragging their feet along the ground and not really wanting to make these changes. This has not been the case after your workshop with us and the changes have been expressed in a positive manner. That was a few months back now. As for the longer-term changes.... Well I can say we have doubled the number of teams going in the corporate triathlon already for this year, there is a weekly jogging effort, some staff members are cycling to work, the commitment to Friday golfing is clearly evident, and there has been a steady increase in what was once the monthly Friday social lunch in the company of colleagues to what is looking like a weekly / fortnightly event (this is not on the same Fridays as golf – we do actually work on Fridays). I think we are off to a good start for the year!
OHS Manager Hastie Air Conditioning

There are very few conference speakers as passionate and memorable as Helena. She has a special gift for communicating with an audience using great intelligence, humour and wit. She is truly outstanding!
Director of Medical Centre Nursing Workshops

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