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Sami Shah

Sami Shah


After Dinner - Comedy - Emcee - Entertainment - Humour - Inspiration - Journalism - Keynote Speakers - Master of Ceremonies - Media - Motivation

Journalism & Satire

Sami Shah is a former journalist and satirical commentator from Pakistan who moved to Australia in 2012.

Since arriving in OZ, he has impressed audiences nationally and internationally with his experiences of performing comedy on the frontlines of the war in Pakistan.

Sami has been featured in various local and international publications and television shows.

He has continued his stand-up comedy career, garnering rave reviews at Fringe festivals and winning awards.

Sami’s book about his experiences, published by Allen & Unwin, has been described as ‘raw, funny, and inspiring’ by Wendy Harmer.

On stage, Sami does comedy about a variety of topics (for example, the immigrant experience, personal triumphs against adversity, the challenges of daily life as contrasted between Pakistan and Australia), all connected with his uniquely charismatic style that is both inspirational and hilarious.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The Power of Laughter
    How comedy can challenge perspectives and build connections

  • Stand-up Comedy show
    More traditional observational comedy that is guaranteed to leave you laughing

  • MC
    An entertaining host to events of all kinds

  • News Satire
    With vast experience in journalism and satire, Sami can combine the two to create comedy that is current and politically aware


A swaggering dynamo
The New York Times

Precision timing...a masterclass in comedy
Chortle UK

Combines insight with oblique wit and linguistic flair
Chortle UK

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