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Speaker Enquiry

About Us

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to fully understand your objectives, your audience and your desired outcomes in order to provide you with experienced speaker options that precisely match your needs. We exist and will continue to prosper because we devote the entirety of our focus on our clients.

To achieve that goal we focus on five areas:

1. We ask questions and we listen to gain a deep understanding of the client's objectives.
What impacts and changes in attitudes and actions are you looking to achieve in your audience from this event? Questions like this allow us to sharpen our focus and recommend genuine solutions

2. We only represent experienced speakers who have achieved outstanding success.
We want audiences to respect, admire and strive to emulate their successes by taking away real-life actionable learnings. With this in mind, we choose speakers who have 'earned the right' to speak from their experience.

3. We are fast.
We know our clients maintain a busy schedule, so we offer efficient, expert responses drawn from our extensive experience and breadth of speakers. We've invested in expedience-based technology to help us respond to nearly all of our clients' requests within 24 hours.

4. We are easy to deal with.
Our 'single point of contact' approach means only one consultant prepares your proposal at every stage of the process, from date checks to travel to speaker briefings and more. You have the peace of mind that comes with a single contact overseeing all affairs, cutting down on errors and delays normally experienced through 'hand-offs' to multiple consultants.

5. We respect your trust in us because your success is our success.
We take our speaker selections seriously because we know the success of our clients' events can impact the course of their career.  We focus on providing honest advice, proven performers and outstanding service.

Review our testimonials page and you'll see that our clients appreciate our expertise, straight talk, speed, service, constant communication and audience impact, leaving them confident and proud of the personal success their events deliver.

Our Journey So Far

Current Managing Director Suzie Isak founded Successful Speakers in 2006.

Suzie excelled in sales, marketing and corporate speaking, training and presenting for more than two decades. During her career she gained accreditations in work place training and assessments. Her interest in speakers and the art of presentation expanded as she attended many local and international speaker conventions, seminars and workshops as part of her corporate career. She noticed that while many of the speakers she saw were polished in research, the most powerful presenters were those who combined expert knowledge with extensive experience.

Here are Suzie's observations in her own words:

“I saw many presenters who were highly polished performers. They researched their topics and had excellent theory and slides to share with their audiences. Whilst they were well-versed and professional presenters, by far the most impressive and powerful presenters were those who not only knew the theory but had applied it in practice. These were people who  lived their theories by building successful businesses, conquering adventures and achieving greatness in their chosen field. You could feel the engagement of the audience as they respected the hardships the speaker endured and valued the learnings the speakers had gained on their climb to the top in real life. There was an honesty to their presentations.”

Suzie realised that many speaker's bureaus didn't emphasise the powerful combination of knowledge and experience. So, she decided to start Successful Speakers under the strength of her own experience, expertise and observations:

“I saw a gap in the speaker's bureau market and I created Successful Speakers to be an agency that only represented speakers who had actually walked the talk, those who'd earned the right to speak from experience. As a result, their audiences hang on their every word, respect their opinions and recommendations and relish the war stories of the speaker's career, hoping to emulate the speaker's successes by applying the practical learnings to their own lives. Practice beats theory hands down every time. ”