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Lindy Hou


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Paralympic Gold Medallist

Lindy Hou is a Massage Therapist who suffers from a degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. She has been legally blind since 1996. In 2004 Lindy won a Gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Athens and in 2008, she won a silver and a bronze at the Beijing Games. Lindy provides motivational talks through her personal experience, she can cover topics such as pursuing dreams, goal setting, teamwork, overcoming setbacks, staying positive in life.

Despite being blind, Paralympic Gold Medallist Lindy Hou knows how to turn dreams into reality.

She believes she is a very fortunate person and through her speaking presentations Lindy inspires, and empowers her audiences to achieve their own personal best.

With her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude to life, Lindy knows how to make the most of her life and proves again and again that challenges are just stepping stones to success.

Lindy’s cycling achievements:

  • 2004 Athens Paralympic Games

    Gold medal: (sprints)
    Silver medal: (3000m pursuit)
    Silver medal: (combine Road  Race/Road Time Trial)
    Bronze medal: (1km Time Trial)

  • 2005 World

    One Hour Record: (42.93km)

  • 2006 World Titles Switzerland

    Gold medal: (3000m pursuit)
    Gold medal: (Road Race)

  • 2007 World Championships Bordeaux

    Silver medal: (3000m pursuit)
    Silver medal: (Road Race)
    Bronze medal: (1km Time Trial)
    Bronze medal: (Road Time Trial)

  • 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games

    Silver medal: (3000m pursuit)
    Bronze medal: (1km Time Trial) 

Presentation Topics Include

  • Turning dreams into reality
  • Overcoming life obstacles
  • Inspirational speaker


"When Lindy speaks, the grit and determination needed to make it to the top in the world of sport is evident. She speaks with conviction and meaning, but also with lightness and graciousness. I’m sure everyone will be inspired and uplifted by what Lindy has to say. I hope lots of people in future get to be infected by the enthusiasm for life which Lindy Hou exhibits." - 

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