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Dr Leslie Cannold


After Dinner - Authors - Communications - Ethics - Excellence - Executive Stress Management - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Leadership - Life Planning - Mentoring - Stress Management - Women in Business

Inspirational Leadership

Dr Leslie Cannold was recently named Humanist of the Year and has twice been listed - most recently by the Power Index - as one of Australia's most influential thinkers. In 2013 she was named alongside Julia Gillard as among Melbourne's most influential women. Leslie serves on numerous health boards and ethics committees, is a founding faculty member at the School of Life and adjunct medical ethicist at Monash University's Gender, Leadership and Social Sustainability Unit.

She has a high media profile as her articles frequently appear in the Australian press, she works for several radio stations and she's become a sought-after guest on television shows including Q&A. Her decision to whistle-blow on the Wikileaks Party during the 2013 Federal Election further cemented Leslie's status as a trusted and inspirational leader.

Topics Include

•    The Six Secrets of Inspirational Leadership
•    The Ethical Choices Everyone Must Make
•    Evening the Odds: The Gender Agenda for the New Millenium
•    Having It All Without Doing It All: Work/Life Balance for Women And Men
•    Young People -Info & Communication Technologies - Are We Experts Or Are We Lost?
•    Media Wrangling: Embracing the Loss of Command and Control
•    Snowden & Wikileaks: The Future of Privacy and Politics in a Networked World
•    After Gillard: Where To For Women in Leadership?


Congratulations on your role as guest speaker at my VC Awards for Excellence event. Your talk was thought-provoking and challenging, and your audience appreciated every minute.
Southern Cross University - Professor Peter Lee Vice Chancellor FTSE

Leslie Cannold was chosen as a keynote speaker for our celebrant conference because of her high media profile, her speaking skills and her proven academic attainment. Her chosen theme was most relevant to the conference program...She spoke clearly and effectively with exceptional body language, dealing with questions in a direct and personable way. The audience reaction was clear.  95% rated the speech excellent.
Monash University Civil Celebrants

Thank you so much for being a part of The Panel.  We have been wanting to do this for a few years and it came together exactly as we hoped it would. Your input was excellent!
Carole Gregson - National Employment   Services Association (NESA)

Leslie knows her topic thoroughly. She delivers an interesting and entertaining presentation, with excellent examples that people can relate to and understand. Her presentation style is engaging, intelligent, and she delivers with a sense of humour, optimism and positivity. She is an engaging, thought provoking and change-making speaker.
Kelly Court - Hume City Council

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