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Dr Leslie Cannold


After Dinner - Authors - Communications - Ethics - Excellence - Executive Stress Management - Inspiration - Inspirational - Keynote Speakers - Leadership - Life Planning - Mentoring - Stress Management - Women in Business

Inspirational Leadership

Humanist of the Year Dr Leslie Cannold is a big brain. Twice listed as one of the one of Australia's most influential thinkers, she’s also been listed as among Melbourne's most influential women besides then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Leslie serves on numerous Victorian health boards and ethics committees, including acting as Chair for the Marie Stopes International Research in Ethics Board based in London. Founding faculty member at the School of Life where Leslie teaches and interviews luminaries on all matters work, leadership, gender and ethics, she is currently adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of International Business at Griffith University.

Often in the media, including ethics columns and regular chats with presenters like Virginia Trioli, Angela Owens, Linda Mottrom and Jon Faine, you can also see Leslie on TV programs like including Q&A and Moral Compass, with Geraldine Doogue. Leslie is also an award-wining fiction and widely-read writer of historical fiction, who can often be found at the nation’s writers’ festivals, in both the guest and interviewer chairs.

Fun, witty, well-informed and passionate, Leslie is the perfect choice for audiences that want to be inspired and engaged by someone whose knowledge about leadership, reputation and resilience comes first hand.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Social License, Ethical Leadership and How Australian Businesses Can Restore Trust after the Banking Commission
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Future for Women in Leadership
  • Work / Life Balance and Diversity
  • Gender equity: an inclusive effective agenda for men and women
  • The Ethical Choices Everyone Must Make
  • Evening the Odds: Gender Agenda
  • Work/Life Balance for Men and Women
  • How to Survive Failure
  • Respectful relationships
  • Young People and Information and Communication Technologies
  • Let’s Talk about Sex (workshops for parents, educators and kids)


I was one of the people who came to see you after your address yesterday morning which resonated with me both professionally and personally. Like you, I think I’m hard wired to do the right thing every time...Despite having regular exposure to leadership development at a high level, I have never heard anyone speak like you did yesterday…
Energy Power Systems Australia

Dr Leslie Cannold was a guest speaker this year at the Executive Link Leadership Program, her presentation was most interesting and challenging, really getting to the nub of the tough intractable dilemmas that we face in the health system. Her capacity to both engage and entertain was remarkable, we are planning on using her for other events, I have no hesitation in recommending her, especially to help leaders develop new thinking to solve ‘wicked’ problems.
People & Culture, Alfred Health

Congratulations on your role as guest speaker at my VC Awards for Excellence event. Your talk was thought-provoking and challenging, and your audience appreciated every minute.
Southern Cross University

Leslie Cannold was chosen as a keynote speaker for our celebrant conference because of her high media profile, her speaking skills and her proven academic attainment. Her chosen theme was most relevant to the conference program...She spoke clearly and effectively with exceptional body language, dealing with questions in a direct and personable way. The audience reaction was clear. 95% rated the speech excellent.
Monash University Civil Celebrants

Thank you so much for being a part of The Panel. We have been wanting to do this for a few years and it came together exactly as we hoped it would. Your input was excellent!
National Employment Services Association (NESA)

Leslie knows her topic thoroughly. She delivers an interesting and entertaining presentation, with excellent examples that people can relate to and understand. Her presentation style is engaging, intelligent, and she delivers with a sense of humour, optimism and positivity. She is an engaging, thought provoking and change-making speaker.
Hume City Council

Excellent. Leslie’s key note presentation at the Excellence Awards evening for Northeast Health Wangaratta was stimulating and inspiring. Staff are wanting to know when we are getting her back for a longer presentation and discussion.
Northwest Health Wangaratta

Leslie's address was everything we'd hoped and more. She was inspiring and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Bayside Medicare Local

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