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Speaker Enquiry

Mary Kostakidis


Boards - Current Affairs - Emcee - Journalism - Keynote Speakers - MC's & Facilitators - Master of Ceremonies - World Affairs

Chief Newsreader, SBS

Iconic SBS reporter and news presenter, Mary Kostakidis is highly regarded for her strengths in policy, linguistics, research and public administration. Responsible for the development of several SBS departments, Mary went on to anchor the prime time news, a position she has held for more than a decade. 

A respected moderator, Mary has facilitated numerous panel discussions for government and non-government organisations both locally and overseas. She is also an experienced MC known for her polished and professional address.

Mary’s commitment to public broadcasting spans 27 years.

Prior to 1988 when she took up the position of presenter of the main evening World News on SBS, she was a member of the management team that set up SBS in 1980. With her commitment over this period she obtained substantial experience in broadcasting policy development, the adherence to charter obligations, the development and implementation of strategy, the selection, recruitment and training of staff and the supervision of over one hundred and twenty staff members, with responsibility for a commensurate budget.

She was also a member of the program selection committee, and had carriage of the Subtitling Unit, the Censorship and Classification area and a post production unit.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The development and implementation of strategy
  • The selection, recruitment and training of staff

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