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Emma Murray

Emma Murray


After Dinner

High Performance Mind Coach

Emma Murray is a qualified psychotherapist, mindfulness coach, NLP master practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, who brings 20 years experience working with elite athletes, students and corporate executives.

As a former National level Netball player, AIS and VIS scholarship holder and accredited Victorian Netball League (VNL), Championship Grade Netball Coach – Emma brings to her work a personal understanding of the pressures and expectations experienced by elite athletes.

Emma is currently the high performance mind coach for the Richmond Football Club as well as working with individual athletes in pursuit of Olympic success. Considered as a leading performance mindset coach she also delivers workshops to large corporate organisations, high level executives, VCE students and performers of the arts.

Emma’s life recently took an unexpected turn when her 14 year old, athletically gifted son, Will, broke his neck jumping off a pier. Will is now a quadriplegic and his dream of playing AFL football has been switched to a dream of one day using his hands or standing on his own.

Will’s story, through Emma’s writing on social media and public speaking engagements has gained viral attention that now spans to various corners of the world. After years of teaching high performing individuals the importance of staying in the moment, Emma is getting a new perceptive and appreciation for the very importance of staying still and present. The devastating effects of quadriplegia on Will, his 3 siblings and the extended family unit has become a teaching forum which has united the community in both grief and hope.

Emma and Will’s dad, Nick, have taken a unique approach to spinal cord injury rehabilitation and are creating a program which fuses eastern and western medicine and surrounds Will with a team of people who’s sole objective is for Will to regain function below the injury site.

5 months into their journey and the family celebrated Will’s toes moving for the first time and him writing a birthday card to his younger brother after having been told he would never be able to hold a pen again. Although seemingly small achievements, this family are living proof of the importance of hope and celebrating the small wins in each moment.

Emma’s story is captivating as she draws parallels between AFL football, quadriplegia and mindfulness.

Presentation Topics Include

  • Family tragedy and a story of survival through the use of mindfulness, perspective and determination
  • Inside the minds of some of AFL’s top players, including de-identified personal stories
  • Understanding the machine in our mind and how to control our attention to achieve more, perform better and feel happier
  • Change your state to change your performance (and your life)s.
  • Taming the monkey in your mind
  • Learn the 4 key Mindset Rules that propelled a languishing AFL Club to Premiers in under 12 months (keynote)
  • Bringing your A Game (workshop)


Emma’s presentation was brilliant. Very moving and insightful and had an instant impact. Emma has succinctly distilled psychological concepts and rendered them into simple easily consumed slogans and created a tool (a language really) that could be transformative for an organisation’s culture.

Emma, delivered a very powerful message, and every one walked away with a new skill that they can incorporate into their lives. Just Brilliant, and so valuable, Thanks Emma
Nelson Alexander Real Estate

Outstanding, honest, real and highly motivational.
Queensland University of Technology

Emma was the main guest at our major fundraising ball in October. I knew from her recent experience with her son Will’s spinal injury that she had first hand experience in the spinal unit at the Royal Children's Hospital. Simply put Emma was amazing!! Her honesty, empathy and information combined with humour was captivating. This was obviously a very hard subject for Emma to speak on, but she put her audience at ease and received a standing ovation at the completion of her speech. Emma is passionate, not only about her son Will and her family, but also her other great passion teaching mindfulness. Her knowledge on mindfulness is extensive and has great examples to share with her connection with the Richmond Football Club. She has the ability to hold an audience from the minute she starts and I could not recommend her highly enough for any future public speaking engagements she partakes. As a committee, we were thoroughly grateful to have had Emma as the guest speaker for our 500 strong crowd.
Starlight Foundation

Emma Murray spoke at the 2016 Star Ball Melbourne in August. The Star Ball Melbourne has been running for thirteen years and Emma’s address to the audience was by far one of the most inspiring and impactful that we have witnessed to this date. Emma spoke with complete passion and integrity from go to wow. Her raw encounters of the Murray journey helped in providing the audience with a very small snapshot into their unimaginable story. Emma did not waiver in her execution - her ‘matter of fact’ approach as she spoke was incredibly influential and her ability to draw upon her professional skills in Mindfulness and Health were certainly encouraging. Thank you for your amazing contribution to Star Ball Melbourne Emma - we would highly recommend you for any event in the future.
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