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Mark McCrindle


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Leading Futurist & Demographer

Social Researcher & Trends Expert
MA, BSc. (Psychology), QPMR

Mark McCrindle is a social researcher with an international reputation for tracking emerging trends, demographic change and customer shifts.

A regular social commentator for prominent media channels, Mark’s understanding of the key issues facing the emerging generations as well as his engaging communication style, places him in high demand as a commentator in the press, on radio and on television shows such as Sunrise, The Today Show, 7pm Project, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, 2UE and ABC.

Mark is the Director of McCrindle Research, whose clients include over 100 multinational organisations. His highly valued research and reports have developed his renown as a futurist, demographer and social commentator.

Highly regarded for his multi-faceted presentations, Mark brings a fresh approach to his keynote addresses at conferences, boardroom briefings or facilitated workshops.

Mark graduated from the University of NSW with a BSc (Psychology) after which he completed a Masters degree (MA) in sociology and he is qualified with the research industry’s highest accreditation: QPMR (Qualified Practising Market Researcher). Mark is the author of three books on emerging trends and social change: The ABC of XYZ: Understanding the Global Generations published by UNSW Press, Word Up: A Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century published by Halstead Press and The Power of Good published by Hybrid Publishers.

Mark’s most requested topics include:

Changing Times, Changing Trends:
A snapshot of modern consumers, and an analysis of our fast moving times: from the demographics and household trends to an analysis of the social trends redefining our times.

The Future Forum:
A strategic analysis of the emerging issues that shape the future. It is a turbo-charged workshop which presents research-based future scenarios and equips teams to thrive amidst the shifts.

Engaging with Today’s Students:
A session which will equip teachers and trainers with the knowledge and skills to engage this post-literate, multi-modal, tech-savvy generation.

From Boomers & Xers to Generation Y & Z:
A snapshot of the seismic demographic and generational shifts and their business impacts. An analysis of today’s generations and a guide to effectively bridge the gaps.

Leadership & Communication Skills for the 21st Century:
In a world of flat structures and consultative practices, coaching and mentoring has replaced commanding and controlling. This session unpacks the latest research on how to best communicate, engage and lead teams today.

Recruiting, Retaining & Training Diverse Generations:
An overview of the best HR and management practices that connect with an intergenerational workforce. From attraction and engagement strategies that work to motivating and managing today’s staff.


“Rave reviews you movie star.  What an outstanding event.  Your contribution to the industry is a measure of your talent.  Thank you."
Real Estate Institute of Australia, Doug Malouf, DTS Director

"A dynamic young man who has an exceptional grasp on the thought patterns and trends of today's youth."
AMP, Trevor Fisher, Portfolio Manager

"Your delivery was relevant and focussed, and provided us with an opportunity to hear first hand from young consumers you have researched."
Toyota Australia, John Conomos, Executive Vice President

"Mark's speeches, and his sessions, were very positively received by those involved.  He brought a unique perspective and skill to our agenda, as well as contributing throughout the conference."
AIESEC, Emily Cooper, President

"Mark is the most dynamic young speaker I have ever heard about youth issues and is the only one that has been able to explain the youth mindset to me!  He blitzed older, more experienced speakers off the stage and is able to capture an audience with ease."
Australian Business, Kim McGuinness, Manager

“Marks’ presentation was dynamic, professional and expertly tailored to the precise needs of our members.  Mark is an impressive and knowledgeable speaker on the subject of Generation X."
Society of Association Executives, Wendy Foster, President

“Excellent! Wonderful! Great! Fantastic! Both the young people and the teachers/career advisers were very engaged by Mark. He is very believable. He walked the walk NOT just talked the talk. Inspiring. We have received great feedback on him."
ANTA, Liz Keyes, Senior Project Officer

"As accountants, we look for research and factual information in presentations, and you certainly conveyed that during yours.  I also appreciated your willingness to research our particular industry."
Added Value Corporation, Thea Foster, Director

"Mark thanks for a sensational presentation last night. The members who attended had very good feedback with some saying that it was the best presentation yet!"
Australian Business, Lisa Evans, Managers' Forum 

“Mark was excellent and very conscientious and sincere about getting the facts right.  It was enough to whet the audience's appetite to come back for more."
Redkin, Ann-Maree Mason, National Education Manager 

“Excellent presentation, brilliant speaker.  Good choice and topic"
MLC Professional Development Day, Matthew Pusey, MLC 

“Mark was certainly a star.  He is one of the best presenters I have seen in a long time.  We have had nothing but favourable comments."
Australia Post, Louise O’Neill, Business Post Manager 

“Passionate, articulate…the best speaker of the day"
Marketing To Gen X Conference, Singapore, Serene Lim, CEO 

“The Conference evaluations returned also indicated overwhelmingly high ratings regarding your participation.  You may also be interested to know that the Melbourne Age reported extensively about your comments on Generation Y."
Trends 21 Conference, Dr Kameel Majdali, Convener 

“May I make special mention of the research and effort Mark McCrindle went to…his address was enlightening, applicable and refreshing because he called it exactly as it was, which became a real awakening for our delegates."
Twin Towns Services Club, Russell Roylance, General Manager 

“High Energy Speaker. Worked well with our conference theme and at the right stage of the day to energise our team.  Good to hear confirmation that our ideas were on the right track."
Telstra Country Wide  

“His presentation was fresh, engaging, interactive and responsive. He connected with the audience well and created natural breaks for input and discussion. Mark's material was really well-researched and structured to enable the audience to gain real insights into how the generations sat within our organisation and their varied learning and coaching styles. The research allowed for real points to be effectively made and provided great snapshots of characteristics, appropriate training structures and motivation techniques directed at each generation." 
ANZ Banking Group 

"Excellent. Well received by all delegates. For many it was the highlight of the conference." 
Southbank Institute 

You came to us already high recommended as a keynote speaker, and that recommendation has been amply confirmed by our address at our event. Here are some quotes from the evaluations: 'very inspiring', 'riveting', 'absolutely excellent', and 'captured and involved us all'."
Scouts Australia, Reg Williams - Chief Commissioner.

“Your presentation gained the attention of all and has raised the benchmark for our speakers." 
The Illawarra Connection 

“Absolutely topical, really strong insights. Excellent presenter, most enjoyable." 

“Thought he was spot on! Great speaker: entertaining and to the point. The best speaker on the day." 

“The presentation was full of amazing practical tips, advice and information with wonderful stories built in. You absolutely have an amazing voice and hold people’s attention with your vibrant and energetic facilitation." 
Pitcher Partners

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