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Michelle Cowan

Michelle Cowan


After Dinner

Female AFL Coach

Combining her two passions of being a mother and AFL coach, Michelle Cowan’s amazing story is a tribute to what all of us can achieve with enough guts, grit and determination. With over 18 years of coaching experience in the WAFL, AFL and AFLW a long and successful career that has contributed to the games exciting evolution.

Her role at West Perth Football Club was followed by a three-year stint at South Fremantle Football Club as midfield coach. 
Michelle later took on a dual role at Melbourne Football Club as the Senior Coach of their Women’s Team and Development Coach for the Men’s team before being appointed by Fremantle Football Club to be the inaugural coach of their AFLW side from 2016-2018. She is currently Assistant Coach for West Coast Eagles AFLW. Michelle was awarded the 2013 AFL Football Women of the year. 

Her achievements have made it clearer for the next generation of women in football proving that when it comes to football or business, gender is no barrier to kicking goals. A passionate speaker about team dynamics, leadership, empowering women, perseverance and passion, Michelle combines her experiences and humour for an inspiring and entertaining presentation.   
Michelle is a charismatic speaker whose presentations will motivate, inspire and entertain any audience.

Presentation Topics Include

  • The journey
    Michelle shares her personal story of perseverance and passion
  • Team dynamics
    Leadership, culture and giving and receiving feedback
  • Floral bras and football boots
    Michelle's personal story
  • Winning cultures
    Team, leadership and shared visions
  • The confidence coach
    Find the confident you
  • Match fit with coach Cowan
    Business versus sport analogy
  • Mental health ambassador and speaker


Michelle was well spoken and related well and interacted with the audience. She seemed to be able to read the crowd well
North Cottesloe SLSC

Michelle’s passion and commitment to what she does and how you can incorporate that in what you do was outstanding. The feedback from the delegates on the day was excellent. Michelle is down to earth and relatable. Would definitely recommend Michelle to anyone.
Australian Childcare Alliance

Michelle Cowan was a great success as our after dinner speaker. She had a humorous and engaging delivery of some very powerful messages on leadership and overcoming gender discrimination.
Informa Australia

Down to earth presentation with passion.
PLAN Australia

Engaging, funny & inspirational.
Rando and Associates 

Very powerful talk and was great as we had a few young girls at the event who were in awe at what Michelle has achieved and we hope they now will follow their dreams and keep fighting for what theywant.
Gingin Districts Community Financial Services

Michelle was a Hilarious and uplifting speaker, her story is incredible and she had the whole room laughing out loud.
Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management

This was a really great presentation with outstanding feedback from many who were in attendance.  The nature of the presentation was also found to be highly suitable for the foundation of understanding and acceptance that the diversity group are trying to build.  Presentation was a good blend of workplace learning, entertainment and a personal journey.

Michelle was extremely witty and held our audiences attention for the entire time she spoke. She enjoyed the day with her friends and was happy to speak with the ladies during the course of theday.
Rando and Associates

Michelle is really authentic, a great story teller!  She resonated well with the audience and delivered to the brief – which was making a difference.  She epitomises this.
Media Federation of Australia

Michelle has the innate ability to inspire and motivate, she has a unique energy and is incredibly driven – which has resulted in a myriad of personal achievements and has also encouraged success in others. She inspired and made us believe we can go that extra mile and turn your dreams into reality.
Ladies Long Lunch, Community Resource Centre

Michelle’s honest account and energetic delivery of her personal journey was a true crowd favourite.
CompetitiveEDGE Events

Michelle speaks from the heart and her experience as a Gen Y is really informative for Baby Boomer decision makers. She is a very entertaining presenter.
Newman Global

Powerful and a true inspiration, a must see.

Following Michelle’s presentation I was re-energized and motivated. The team of staff who attended the session returned to work with a new outlook and drive to succeed.
Recreation Facilities Manager

Bright, warm, engaging, topical - a bundle of energy and enthusiasm who brightened up an otherwise ordinary series of presentations. Michelle's speech was certainly a highlight of the day.
Minara Resources

Michelle has the innate ability to inspire and motivate. She has a unique energy and is incredibly driven – which has resulted in a myriad of personal achievements and has also encouraged success in others. Hearing Michelle speak makes you believe you can go that extra mile and turn your dreams into reality too.

Michelle Cowan has been an excellent Master of Ceremony at City of Joondalup events. Her wit and natural warmth puts the audience at ease, and her ability to pull the event together ensures a seamless, enjoyable experience for participants.
City of Joondalup

Our presentation night was a huge success due to Michelle’s contribution. We had planned Michelle to speak for about half an hour. As we had a quiet time between courses and she came over to volunteered to fill in for some more time. the audience with a delightful energetic and inspirational talk over the night. She is a very enthusiastic speaker who’s passion shines through and I believe it is very contagious. If the people in the room did not enjoy her talk then they must have been asleep. I noticed when she reached the key points in her address, people in the audience were nodding at each point, especially my boss. On the behalf of ALCOA to publically say that she was one of the best that we have had the pleasure of listening too.

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