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Yvonne Adele


Authors - Facilitation - Humour - Keynote Speakers - Literature - Radio Personalities - Science - TV Personalities - Technology - Training - Women in Business - Workshops

Technology Expert and Media Commentator

Tech-savvy, exuberant and very funny, Ms Megabyte takes the mystery out of computers and technology to enlighten and educate her audience. (aka) Mega has been entertaining and informing Australian’s for over ten years through television, radio, magazines, internet and her best-selling book Conquer Your Computer. Described by audiences as a ‘breath of fresh air’, Ms Megabyte has drawn praise and admiration for her unique and engaging style.

A Microsoft graduate with a couple of decades of corporate experience, Yvonne created the Ms Megabyte brand/persona in the mid 90′s. This led to a national media profile and best-selling book. She eventually left TV behind to concentrate solely on speaking and consulting.

Under the banner of her business: Ideas Culture: Yvonne has been delivering brainstorming methods and practical social media strategy to in-house teams and conference audiences for over 15 years.

Taking a dose of her own medicine, Yvonne used her brainstorming techniques to invent the world first Ideas While You Sleep – an overnight globally crowd sourced brainstorming service, delivering customers around 100 ideas to solve any business challenge within a day. How? She mobilised her workforce of over 500 virtual Ideas Agents in 8 countries using Twitter. Ideas While You Sleep has clients from 12 different countries. (See a Sydney Morning Herald article on it).

Combining her social media savvy with professional speaking, use Yvonne as your ‘social media MC’ – she will not only MC your event, but create and maintain the social media platform to extend the delegate conversation online.

Yvonne is a social media commentator, speaker and panellist in addition to Vice President of the National Speakers Association of Australia and a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional).

Topics Include

Social Media: Unplugged | Keynote Or Workshop (45mins – 3hrs)
10 steps to Mastering Social Media Tools in less than 10 Minutes a Day.

 • How to have technology at your fingertips, so you become irresistible to clients
 • Where social media MUST fit into your marketing strategy (and if you didn’t have one, how social media is the only marketing strategy you’ll need)
 • How you can utilise 3 free technology tools to engage with your client base in less than 10 minutes a day
 • The never fail way to build a list of brand advocates (followers)

In this session, Yvonne will UNPLUG social media. You will discover how you can STAND OUT amongst the conversations that are already going on in your area of expertise / industry.

“You can buy attention (advertising). You can beg for attention from the media (PR). You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales). Or you can earn attention (social media)." (David Meerman Scott, World Wide Rave and New Rules of PR and Marketing)

Yvonne will illustrate how you can earn attention and STAND OUT by creating something relevant, interesting, valuable and useful and then giving it away. This leads to a network of advocates (followers) who will not only purchase your products and services, they will spread the word FOR YOU to their network of advocates.

The ‘U’ In Team  Interactive Keynote Or Workshop (45 – 90mins)
Workplace teams: Stop brainstorming and start thinking

Imagine…. The team is assembled again, and reluctantly in front of a whiteboard. The leader stands, marker poised, and explains today’s challenge. ‘OK, I’ll be the scribe – who’s got an idea?’ Awkward silence and a few timid suggestions follow…
How many hours and dollars are wasted every day around the world with teams sitting through gut-wrenching meetings like this? Brainstorming was first used in the ’60s as a technique for generating ideas. Then and now, it fails when only a few have the confidence and support to share. Yet everyone in a team and that means you can have brilliant ideas. Yvonne’s simple, systematic and powerful approach to creative thinking turns timid groups into creative gold mines.

Using a ‘think-pair-share’ scaffold, every workshop participant is responsible for idea generation, and the supportive environment enlivens collective team power. Workshops follow Yvonne’s unique Innovation Pathway, resulting in a one-page roadmap for turning ideas into action.

That There is no ‘i’ in ‘team’ is a tired idea, which is right where you come in. This workshop is perfect for generating more ideas at every level of your organisation, and activating in your teams the confidence to share and the skill to take action. Every person leaves with a one page action plan to bring their best ideas to life.


We were impressed with the way you kept the energy levels in the team up throughout the day. We now have a toolkit to bring fresh approaches to problem solving and idea generation.’
National Australia Bank

‘Thank you for the very practical way you engaged with the group. The feedback showed that they would now be able to come up with a creative solution if they just followed your easy steps.’
Partner, Ernst & Young

‘Your up-beat tutorials were entertaining and informative and we received a great deal of highly positive feedback from all participants.’
Marketing & Strategy, Telstra

Insightfuland entertaining, you captivated the audience for a full two hours. Your individual style and sense of theatre captured everyone’s attention and we were all talking about it the next day. Thank you!

You made our event such a great success. Your up-beat tutorials were entertaining and informative and we received a great deal of highly positive feedback from all participants on the day.

After the previous night’s activities, it was excellent to get everyone back up to speed and ‘Wake ‘em up with your lively presentation! I would highly recommend a similar seminar to start off the day next year.
Andrew Green, Woolworth

Your speech was very topical and certainly outlined the realms of possibilities that are coming down the pipe to us. It was an excellent mix of information, humour and anecdotes.
National Australia Bank

"motivating…entertaining...with amusing anecdotes and great case studies from her wide experience. Really fired us up!"

"Yvonne delivered a humorous and enlightening presentation to a very diverse audience. She managed to hold their attention for 2 hours and successfully converted the sceptics. We all learned something."
Dept Education & Training

"A wonderfully entertaining speech. Friendly and cheeky... with relevant and informative stories - a crucial component for keeping audiences captivated. Valuable hints and tips that will take these bright young things very far indeed You’re now Monash University's draw card for the annual event."
Industry Projects, Monash University

"Your presentation was informative, vibrant and funny. The tips within your talk had people calling me the next day letting me know how handy they were and others wanted to pass on that they had followed your instructions!
You were excellent and I will definitely consider you for events that I organise in the future."
Dept of Finance and Administration

"Congratulations on your superb presentation at our Melbourne luncheon. The event was a great success and enjoyed immensely by all. I appreciate the enthusiastic contribution you displayed. Your willingness to impart your knowledge and business expertise with the audience was indeed generous."
Women’s Network Australia

"Thank you MS Megabyte, for your wonderful performance at the opening celebrations of the Hume Global Learning Centre. We were thrilled with your MC work and demonstrations. The evening was a great success."
Hume City Council

"..a wonderful, energetic speaker – with the right mix of stories and content; Learnt heaps in a short time; Sensational; The hour flew by. More please!; Fun; Made my day – what she taught me will save me hours."
MJL People Dynamics

“Excellent Very well received by our delegates, positive feedback, Yvonne delivered the message I wanted. She was involved with the group, enjoyed presenting and developed great interaction."
L.J.Hooker International Operations

“Yvonne's session not only delivered the message (supported by framework and process) in relation to creative thinking but also enthused everyone to immediately become involved and to continue that involvement. Her energy, enthusiasm and ideas are a major part of the success of her delivery. These in turn became a vital part of the success of our overall workshop."
Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

“I have received so much positive feedback from our customers on you - our event MC. Thank you so very much for making the event such a great hit with our customers and leaving such an impression, you did such a fantastic job and we were absolutely thrilled with your involvement and the value that you added. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a professional and I definitely look forward to the next opportunity!" 
Intel Australia

“A massive thank you for the fantastic job you did MCing. You were able to provide a genuinely unique atmosphere and buzz to our event whilst still keeping things running smoothly throughout the two days." 

“Yvonne was a fantastic MC – she’s very skilled at tying together the pieces of the day and making insightful comments on other speakers’ presentations."

“You were the perfect MC for our guests. You made the event run very smoothly and you injected entertainment and fun into it. Thank you again Yvonne and we hope to be working with you again." 
Starlight foundation

"Real mental sorbet – refreshing and invigorating. I shall certainly advocate your talents to others. Your contribution to the REIWA conference was just invaluable – so energetic and innovative!" 

"Insightful and entertaining, you captivated the audience. Your individual style and sense of theatre captured everyone’s attention and we were all talking about it the next day. Thank you!" 

"Thank you being inspiring, thought provoking and positive. It went down exceptionally well with our conference audience. " 
Independent Cinemas Association of Australia

“…Yvonne Adele just blew my mind! Finally I now understand blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Google Alerts for the first time ever. More importantly I now understand how they can actually benefit my business and how I can improve my marketing strategy through social media, rather than spending a fortune on other marketing techniques. Yvonne has a unique way of presenting the information so that even the novice like myself could understand. Her generosity was incredible."
Psychologist and Director of EmergencySupport

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