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6 Ways to Impress Your Boss

By Admin | 28 March 2017 |

Impressing your boss is one of the best ways to get ahead at work and ensure job security. Your boss is the person who has the most influence over your job and being on your supervisor’s good side will improve your work life.

However, impressing your boss doesn’t mean sucking up to them. That only leads to resentment in the office among employees and your boss may start taking advantage of you. To impress your boss at work means presenting yourself in a way to create the best personal impression.

What are the best ways to make sure and leave a positive impression on your boss? Here the top 6 tips on winning your boss’s approval.

1 Consistently do your job well

Doing your job well to impress your boss may seem obvious, but many employees can become lackadaisical at work and fall into a routine of just ‘going through the motions.’ This ultimately gets reflected in their standard of work and is noticed by bosses. If you are in the habit of consistently doing your job to a high standard, your boss will also notice this.

It ultimately means that your boss or manager has the time to focus on what’s important in the company and let you focus on your job.

2 Have an opinion

It can be tempting to always be a ‘yes’ person thinking that your boss will be impressed. Although you should never be argumentative with your boss, if he or she knows you have a well-considered opinion, they will probably treat you as someone to be respected.

So, in appropriate situations, have the confidence to voice your opinion in a respectful way.

3 Be loyal

Trust is a quality that has to be earned and a trustworthy employee it is one that will impress their boss. So, always be loyal to your boss by not talking about him or her behind their back. If you do have an issue with your boss, you should approach them about it and talk it over. Be loyal to your boss by keeping those conversations confidential.

Being loyal will win the respect of your boss as he knows you can be trusted.

4 Be punctual

Having a reputation for being on time is a great way to impress your boss. With punctuality, there are different ways to be punctual depending on the circumstances.

For example, if your work day starts at 9 a.m., being punctual may mean arriving at 8:45 rather than 8:59. Why is this so? First of all, arriving for work early shows a good attitude and it means that you are ready to start working at the specified time. However, arriving ‘on the dot’ for work can give the impression that you are just there because you have to be and you may not get started until after other employees.

On the other hand, showing up 10 minutes early for a boardroom meeting is never a good way to impress your boss. First of all, you have taken time out of your work to sit and waste time waiting in the boardroom. Secondly, it gives the impression of sucking up to you boss, which is never a good idea. So, always meet appointments during the work day ‘on the dot.’

5 Save the company money

The company you work for is in the business of making money. Even if you work for a non-profit organisation, every boss is interested in the organization having more money. There are 2 ways for your organization to have more money:

  • Earn more by expanding the business.
  • Spend less and save money.

If you come across a way that the company can save money, make sure and let your boss know about it.

Doing so will also show that you have another great quality that impresses bosses – initiative.

6 Show initiative

Bosses are always impressed when employees show their initiative in their job. While there obviously are boundaries to how much you can do on your own, there are many opportunities to take the initiative. For example, you could volunteer to take on a new project, present new ideas that can help drive the company forward, accept tasks that aren’t part of your job description.

Even just arriving early and getting the coffee machine going is appreciated by your boss and others.

A word of warning though – don’t take on too much that you end up with burnout.

In the end, impressing your boss means taking your job seriously and doing your job well. A trustworthy employee who is an asset to the company will always get the boss’s attention. This will help to secure their position as a valuable company employee.