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How Australia’s Best Female Speakers Could Benefit You

By Admin | 14 March 2016 |

Australia’s women are on a mission; a mission to break away from the boundaries and bonds that restricted their mothers and grandmothers, and to pursue their own paths towards entrepreneurial and business excellence.

Of course, this is nothing new. Australian women have been applying their skills and unique perspectives to business with great success for years, and society – by and large – has been accepting and supportive of this. But this is no time for complacency; instead this is a time to recognise the incredible wisdom, passion, zeal and drive that Australia’s leading women bring to the table.

At Successful Speakers, we recognise this. This is why we aim to connect you with the leading (female) lights of Australia, giving you the opportunity to share their knowledge, gain their perspective and to learn more about their tireless pursuit of excellence across a variety of fields and disciplines.

The Female Perspective

The female perspective on success may be a little different from the male perspective, but it is equally valid. The skills required for a woman to succeed in her chosen field – tenacity, foresight, pro-activity and analytical aptitude, to name just a few – are the same as those displayed by most successful men. However, the playing field, historically, has not been the same.

Attitudes in Australia and across the world are becoming more progressive and more geared toward facilitating success based on merit, as opposed to gender or lineage. Giving your innate talents and keenly-honed skills a platform from which to shine despite difficulties is something truly worth celebrating today.

All of our female speakers are equipped with a unique female perspective, sharing their positivity, driven natures, and valuable insights with audiences from Perth to Sydney, from Darwin to Adelaide and everywhere in between.

Inspiration from a Variety of Fields

Our speakers come from a variety of different backgrounds and have excelled in a range of fields that is just as diverse. Let’s take Anna-Louise Bouvier as an example; Anna-Louise is a pioneer in physiotherapy, having developed her own program known as Physiocise in addition to her work with top sports teams and with Qantas airlines, with whom she worked to reduce the negative effects of long haul flights on the body.
She has also published several books and released several DVDs, and is also a veteran public speaker.

Christine Nixon is our second example. She is no stranger to succeeding in fields traditionally reserved for men, having served as a Chief Commissioner of the Victoria Police as well as operating as a senior government advisor. Her specialities include topics such as leadership, teamwork and women in business.

Our third and final example is Jennifer Hawkins, a top television personality, charity campaigner and former Miss Universe. Jennifer’s background in television and media gave her a unique understanding of this area, while the numerous fields in which Jennifer has excelled makes her an incredibly versatile public speaker.
These are just three examples out of the many highly-skilled and supremely inspirational women that Successful Speakers can provide for your event or after dinner function. For more detailed information on all of our speakers, take a look at our extensive listings.

What’s Next?

To gain the benefit of the wisdom and experience of our tremendous array of speakers, you need to submit an enquiry. Head to our listings and select a speaker you want in the relevant field and submit an enquiry using the form. We are looking forward to providing you with an event you and your guests will remember for many years to come!