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How to Develop Better Communication Skills

By Admin | 6 March 2020 |

Communication is vital in almost every situation you come across in life—in business, among family members, or speaking in front of others. It can be a problem when you talk with people, and you later realize that they misunderstood you. Successful communication should trigger reactions or feedback from your audience. You can only be a good speaker when you have acquired the necessary communication skills. Communication can best be described as a learning process because every day you learn something new.

Communication can be both verbal and non-verbal. And, very often, you can use both to make your message clearer or easier to understand. Of course, excellent communication starts with being a good listener. You usually need to listen to your audience or try to detect subtle messages before you deliver your message.

How to Develop Better Communication Skills

In this article, you will find some practical ways to improve your skills in communicating.

How to improve your communication skills

There are various ways on how to enhance your communication skills. The one that works best for you depends on which one you are comfortable with. However, you can explore different options as they are all essential, and they can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s look at a few ways of improving your communication.

1. Use simple language

One of the best ways to develop your communication skills is to use language that others understand.

One study found that speakers often overestimate how much listeners understand. In the research, participants were asked to tap the tunes of famous songs. The other participants had to guess the songs being tapped. The “tappers” estimated that 50 percent of the listeners would guess the songs correctly. In reality, only 2.5 percent guessed correctly.

The “tappers” always had the tune in their head and, therefore, didn’t pay enough attention to the melody they were tapping. So, try to avoid that situation when your words don’t clearly express your thoughts.

2. Read and research widely

Various reading materials can also help you improve your communication skills, such as newspapers, books, articles, and magazines. The more you read, the more you know how to communicate. So, pay attention to how excellent writers communicate their thoughts and ideas.

If you want to improve your communication skills, search the internet for advice. There are plenty of tips on how to boost your communication skills.

3. Understand your Audience

The best speakers in the world take the time to understand their audience before they start speaking. If you are speaking to your boss in a one-to-one situation, or if you have to make a presentation in a boardroom, you need to understand them properly. So, you could think about the following:

  • What does my audience already know about the subject?
  • How can I illustrate my points visually?
  • Do they have preconceived ideas about this subject?

What arguments can I use to convince them?

How to Develop Better Communication Skills

4. Develop emotional awareness

Emotional awareness of your and your audience is an essential part of excellent communication. All of us have said something “in the heat of the moment” and then later regretted it. So, there are your feelings and emotions to be aware of. For example, if you speak in a monotone, you may come across as being bored. In those cases, you’re hardly likely to inspire or motivate your listener. On the other hand, injecting some emotions into your delivery can make an uninteresting subject inspiring.

Being aware of your listener’s emotions can also affect the way you communicate. For example, if your listener is upset, sad, or depressed, you will need to speak with more empathy. You may even have to change the way you talk if they are angry with you or with someone else.

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So, emotional awareness is one of the fundamental keys to good communication.

In conclusion

Effective communication is one of the essential skills everyone should possess. Every day, we have opportunities to speak and listen actively. But good communication is more than just hearing words or talking. Communication requires using both verbal and verbal cues while conversing with others. Listen more and speak less is always great advice. Also, being aware of emotions can always help you develop your communication skills to ensure your message gets heard and understood.