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How to Reach Your Goals in 5 Easy Steps

By Admin | 13 June 2018 |

Goals are important for you because they give focus in life and keep you moving forward. However, it is one thing to have goals and dreams but it is another thing to reach them. Reaching your goals requires determination and having the ability to deal with setbacks. Achieving your goals with a few easy steps can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Before we look at how to reach your goals in 5 easy steps, let’s briefly look at why goals are important.

The importance of setting goals

Roman philosopher Seneca is quoted as saying: “When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind”.

There are 4 reasons why goals are important.

  1. Give you focus on how you use your time and energy
  2. Help you measure your progress and re-evaluate your resources
  3. Prevent procrastination
  4. Motivate you and spurs you on to future success

How to Reach Your Goals in 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy steps to reach your goals

Let’s look in more detail now at some of the easy steps that can help you achieve success and reach your goals.

1. Have a realistic plan

First, you need a realistic plan on what your actual goals are and how you can go about achieving them. You plan could include how you spend your time each day, how much effort you will put into your goal, and what habits to avoid that will distract you from your goals. Your plan should also include a realistic timeframe.

2. Stay motivated

Achieving long-term goals is like running a marathon and you need to stay motivated to get to the finish. One way to keep highly motivated to achieve your goals is to find an emotional element that will drive your forward. This involves examining your motives to see what you really want to achieve and why.

3. Set smaller goals

In order to reach your big goals, you need to break them down into smaller goals that you can achieve in the short term. For example, having the goal of running your own business is certainly achievable. However, if you are stuck in an office, it may not be achievable in the next few weeks. So, set some smaller milestones that will help you on your way.

The same is true of saving money. Do you have the goal of going to Europe but never have enough money? Examine your budget and work out ways to save smaller amounts of money to help you reach your goal.

4. Don’t compare yourself

When reaching your goals, you are the only one who matters. You may start looking around at what others are doing and start becoming disheartened. For example, if you have the goal of losing weight to improve your health, you could be put off if you compare yourself to someone who exercises regularly and is in great shape.

In the end, you are the one who has to put in the hours at the gym and cut down on calories. So, try to see yourself in a year’s time. This is important because it is difficult to see day-to-day changes. But what you do about your goals today will really help you reach your goal in the future.

5. Learn how to deal with setbacks

There will be times when you face setbacks in the quest for achieving your goal and they can affect you in one of two ways. They can force you to quit or they can motivate you to keep going. Sometimes, there is something to learn from setbacks and if you learn from them, you will gain valuable experience. Dealing with setbacks can also reaffirm your dedication to reaching your goal and will make you stronger.