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Keynote Speakers 101: Knowing the Different Types to Match Different Events

By Nahid | 1 June 2015 |

Keynote speakers do more than just send a message. They are able to capture the essence of an event and highlight it to the audience, providing insights and evoking awareness in an energetic, entertaining, professional and motivational manner.

Recognising the crucial role a keynote speaker plays in the success of an event, it’s easy to see why many companies find it difficult to select the right one. It can be tough to find someone who can deliver a powerful speech with the perfect blend of humour and cutting-edge information.

To help you choose the best keynote speakers who can impart a clear message, leave your audience well-informed, motivated and inspired for months or years to come, you need to understand the various kinds, for each has a different area of focus and expertise.

The Different Types of Keynote Speakers

  • Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers provide uplifting speeches that are built around inspirational stories based on life experiences, knowledge and education. This type of speaker gets people enthused about themselves and the organisation to which they belong, making them the ideal speakers at business conventions and conferences. Oftentimes, they inject humour into their stories and make use of various psychological methods to relate to their audience and motivate them towards a common goal. They usually make use of motivational words to guide the audience to reach a conclusion that helps improve the organisation.

  • Celebrity Speaker

Celebrities add interest and glamour to an occasion, and that’s why they are usually invited as speakers in promotional events. Book a celebrity speaker from the world of professional sports, politics, the media or the arts who has the skills and experience in his or her own field, and you can draw people to your event. This type of keynote speaker normally has the highest fee because of their fame.

  • Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational speakers may fall into any of the other categories, but the distinguishing factor that separates inspirational speakers from the rest is the spiritual nature of their speeches. Inspirational speakers are those people who have accomplished something against all odds, succeeding in life despite various obstacles and trials. They may be religious leaders, pastors or authors of spiritual books who have a life story which can inspire the audience to work on their dreams and achieve their goals.

  • Expert Speakers

Expert speakers are those people with licenses, degrees or certifications in particular fields of study. They have detailed knowledge in a specific area, making them experts in the topic on which they are speaking about beyond that of most of their colleagues. This type of speaker is ideal for trainings, seminars and workshops.

When selecting a keynote speaker, you need to understand these various types first in order to find the one that best fits a particular audience. By reading this article, you will know which amongst them is right for the type of event or message you want to convey to your members.


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