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Selecting the Perfect Speaker for Your Next Event

By Nahid | 23 December 2014 |

The right key note speaker can help create buzz for your event, set and enrich the idea behind the conference, inspire the attendees and ultimately assist you in achieving your objectives. An inexperienced or mediocre one, however, may do just the opposite.

The effort you put into selecting a speaker for your event is therefore very important for its success. So if you’re organising an event for your company or organisation, start sifting through the list of candidates now to find the perfect speaker.

But how do you go about choosing the right person to talk at your upcoming conference? Here are some factors you need to consider:

  1. Relevance – In choosing key note speakers, always evaluate their relevance to your industry, or to the message through which your conference revolves around.
  2. Credibility – Does the speaker have the credentials required to inform, entertain or motivate your attendees? These things establish a speaker’s worth. And without these, your audience would most likely not pick up or believe a word they say. Thus, if the conference is about achieving success in the IT industry, then get someone who is an example of that success.
  3. Delivery – The presenter may have the knowledge and information the attendees want to hear, but if he or she doesn’t have the skills to convey these information in an interesting and engaging manner, then it will all be for nothing. Remember that people today have shorter attention spans; thus, the delivery or style of the presentation matters. Make sure to find someone who has something to say and can say it in an enticing and compelling way.
  4. Fees – Speaker fees and related costs, such as travel and accommodation expenses, should be considered when booking guest speakers. Generally, the more popular, experienced or in-demand a presenter, the higher the fees. This is because you’re not only paying them for the few minutes they spend on the podium or the hours they devote on researching, developing and improving their talk, you’re also paying them for the insights and wealth of experience they bring to your event.

The success of a conference or meeting relies on the strength of the content, and the methods through which they are shared to the audience. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose a messenger who has the background and the skills to achieve this.

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