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Selecting the Right Speaking Topic for Your Company Event

By Suzie | 10 August 2015 |

Do you want to create a buzz in your next company event? Selecting the right topic that your speaker will present is the best way to do this.

What the speaker will talk about during the event will be the attendees’ topic of conversation when they go back to their homes and offices. This is what they will be sharing to their family and friends.

Next to selecting effective guest speakers in Australia, selecting the best topic for public speaking is the most important thing that can help make a positive impression on the audience and make the event a success.

So how do you do this?

Here are the four steps you need to follow when picking any topic for public speaking.

1. Identify your goal.

What do you wish to achieve by holding the event? Do you want to improve your employees’ outlook about work? Do you want them to feel motivated to do better work? Do you want clients to see your business as a trustworthy service provider that can give them what they need? You need to identify what goal you want to realise in holding the event and use this as basis when selecting a topic.

2. Know your audience.

Get to know your audience well – their demographics, beliefs and even their hobbies. If your attendees are not part of one company, identify what industries they work in. Also identify what sites or type of media they use. The more you know your audience, the better you can determine if a particular topic will work for them or not.

3. Ask the speaker a list of topics he is an expert in.

After this, ask your event’s speaker to give you a list of any topic for public speaking that he is an expert in or a list of subject that he loves. It’s important for your topic to come from this list as this will allow the speaker to tackle a subject that he can provide in depth and first-hand information on and one he can speak passionately about. Keynote speakers and celebrity speakers that are known for a specific field will become an authority on a subject and will be someone the audience will pay attention to.

4. Pick the topic you think the audience can relate to the most.

After gathering the speaker’s list, use the answers from the first two steps in picking your winning topic. Carefully go through each item from the speaker’s list and determine which one you think the audience can relate to and can connect with the most.

As the organiser for an event you have an option to leave the topic selection to the speaker, especially if he has an extensive experience in event speaking. But as you know your company best, you will be the best person to know what will work for your event. Sometimes you just need some help to guide you in the process.

In following the steps above, selecting a topic for your event will be easier.