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The Best Workplace Habits to Get Yourself Noticed

By Admin | 15 May 2018 |

Getting yourself noticed at work involves sticking to the best workplace habits. There is more to standing out at work and getting noticed by your boss or management team than just working hard. The best employees and who ones who are usually picked for promotions are usually doing more than get getting the job done.

An employee who gets noticed is one who is likable, enthusiastic, cares about their job, and is willing to “go the extra mile”. So, getting noticed at work doesn’t mean keeping your head down and getting on with the job. To stand out at work means developing habits that will help keep your head up.

What are the best workplace habits if you want to get ahead at work? Here are 6 ways to get the recognition you deserve from your boss.

1. Take the initiative to get noticed at work

Taking the initiative at work is one of the most important habits to get noticed at work. For example, you can volunteer to take on jobs or tasks that others don’t want to do or are too lazy to do. Or, it could be that you have some ideas to simplify certain job tasks or come with simpler solutions.

Remember, that your job description should not be used as an endpoint but as a starting point for developing personal and professional your skills.

2. Care about the small stuff – a great workplace habit

Employees who have been at an organisation for a long time can fall into bad habits and become sloppy at their tasks. Or, it could be that someone already has a good reputation and thinks that it’s okay to let things slip once in a while. However, remember that even the little things count. Although you might not be coming sloppy enough to get a reprimand, slovenly habits could be causing you to be ignored for a promotion.

3. Speak up at meetings to get noticed

It goes without saying, if you are just part of the furniture at an office meeting, then it’s going to be difficult to get noticed in a good way. Of course, to make yourself heard at meetings you have to have something constructive to say that adds to the discussion. This requires preparing well for meetings and looking at matters from different viewpoints.

4. Be alert to people’s needs

It’s also important to be in the habit of being alert to the needs of others. For example, you may notice that a colleague is having difficulty grasping how to use new technology. So, you could offer to provide some assistance. Or, if someone in your team is falling behind on their tasks, give some help so that they can get the job done on time. This will show that you are a team player and this won’t go unnoticed by your boss.

5. Use breaks wisely

Always be in the habit of using your breaks for what they are meant for – taking some time out. If you spend your breaks and lunchtime sat at your desk typing away, you might get noticed for the wrong reasons. Using breaks to relax, unwind, and “recharge your batteries” will help you be more productive. Bosses usually don’t like to see employees stuck to their desks as they know in the end productivity will suffer and the employee will probably get burnout.

6. Expand your network

It’s very important to expand your network of contacts if you want to get noticed by your management team. So, it’s important to make new friends in other departments, be nice to new employees, and socialise outside of the workplace. People will get to know you and know who you are. It’s then more likely for your name to come up when your management team is considering new promotions.

Photo credit: Brooke Cagle on Unsplash