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Top Benefits of SEO Managers and Bosses Should Understand

By Admin | 25 July 2019 |

Most businesses are aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, trying to justify an increase in the online marketing budget can be difficult. The task can be even more challenging if your boss or manager can’t see the immediate benefits of SEO.

So, you know what good SEO tactics can do, but how can you clearly communicate them to your boss?

Top Benefits of SEO Managers and Bosses Should Understand

In this article, you will find out about some of the ways to talk about SEO strategies so that your management team gets the point.

1. SEO Results in Cumulative Growth

One of the biggest benefits to highlight to your boss is the fact that inbound marketing allows for cumulative growth. This means that the company can expect to see a steady return on marketing investment (ROI) over time.

So, you could explain that investing in advertising or Pay-Per-Click campaigns may lead to faster, more tangible results. But, as soon as you stop investing in that type of marketing, your leads will dry up.

The benefits of SEO for any small or large business is that results are more sustainable. For example, SEO can help you get a first-page spot on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). Once this is achieved, you only need minimal investment to sustain that place.

2. Explain Misconceptions Associated with SEO

The main reason why managers are hesitant to invest money into SEO is that they don’t fully understand what it is.

For example, it’s not unusual for a company executive to approve a large budget to get a great website designed but to then hold back on SEO investment. Therefore, it’s important to stress that unless the page appears on the SERPs, it’s highly unlikely new customers will find it.

It is also important to explain that SEO marketing is a highly ethical and effective way to rank higher on search engines. In fact, implementing the best SEO strategies will provide a stable foundation for online business growth.

You may also discover that your company’s website has factors that are negatively impacting on current search results. This gives you a chance to discuss why duplicate content should be removed or the need to streamline or speed up the website.

3. Explain the Benefits of Organic Search Data

Explaining the financial benefits of investing in SEO is an excellent way to convince your boss on why they should invest in it.

For instance, a sustainable and effective SEO marketing plan can be worked out in line with a specific budget. Using available data, you can show the positive impact this can have on visitors to the website. In many cases, data analysis can help show exactly the effect that each cent has on increasing revenue.

At the same time, you can then explain the importance of having a well-designed website that easily converts leads.

4. Describe Additional Benefits SEO Brings to the Company

A common reason for limiting SEO investment is that bosses may feel they have no control over how search engines behave. They may feel that concentrating on SEO leaves the business open to the effects of external forces.

What can you do in this situation to communicate the benefit of SEO for a small business? Explain that SEO marketing has wider implications than just high rankings on search engines.

For example, to create a robust SEO strategy requires extensive market research. This can help businesses find new target audiences or know how to promote their services better in other channels.

Also, link building strategies help to increase brand awareness and also brings in more referral traffic. Content marketing allows businesses the opportunity to build customer relationships and bolster email marketing lists.

5. Other Ways to Communicate SEO Benefits

There are a few other ways to help show bosses tangible result from investing in SEO. Some of these include:

  • Show results from a small SEO project that you did on limited resources.
  • Present a specific plan of action outlining goals, expected results, and required resources.
  • Explain the reasons why drops in search engine performance happen and how they can be rectified.