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Why Hire a Speaker for Your Corporate Event?

By Nahid | 26 February 2015 |

When an organisation seeks to keep their employees engaged and productive, reinforce their culture and values, or get insights as to how the company can be improved, leaders often get the job done by organising a corporate event. Be it in the form of a training seminar, team building event, or business meeting, corporate events allow business owners, managers and their employees to interact and find ways to ensure their company thrives.

However, it simply isn’t enough to hold an event in a posh venue, give freebies, or prepare some slides and presentations. For a corporate event to produce remarkable results, it is essential that the attendees are highly engaged. Now how can this be made possible? This is where the best keynote speakers come in.

Benefits of Hiring a Speaker

Every organisation can benefit from hiring guest speakers in their corporate event. Here’s why:

  • They can serve as the catalyst for change. The business world is constantly evolving, and in order for an organisation to remain competitive, they must be willing to adapt and keep up with the times. However, not everyone may be willing to accept new concepts and try out innovative methods. This can create a problem within the organisation. The right speaker can be the force that convinces the participants to look at things differently. Their opinion may help the audience become more open to change as well as the things that come with it.
  • They add appeal to the event. Those who want to ensure a good turnout often choose to book a celebrity speaker or engage a well-known public figure in their event. This is because participants are always keen to learn from someone they admire. They are curious about what lies behind the glitz and glamour of celebrity life and are hopeful that somehow, they will be able to find some aspects relatable. And they certainly won’t be disappointed as most public personalities have practical and inspiring lessons to share.
  • They have the knowledge and expertise. Another reason to hire professional speaking talents is the knowledge and expertise they can impart to the attendees. With their education and extensive experience, they are able to share information and critical insights that are practical and useful, and will push the participants to become better at their roles.
  • They have the skill and power to motivate the audience. Professional speaking talents not only have the specialist knowledge on the subject or focus of the event, they also have the skill and the power to impart the message in a way that leaves the audience inspired and motivated. Their speech may be the little boost the participants need to perform better and exert their best efforts in their respective roles.
  • They can provide an objective view of the company. Because of their years in the business and their integration with the company, leaders and managers can sometimes become stagnant and lose sight of what their staff and customers need and want, resulting to poor decision making. With an outsider looking into the situation, this can be remedied. Having an outsider speak to one’s team can prove invaluable to the company. Professional speakers can act as “the voice of reason” and provide an objective view of business operations.

The success of a conference or meeting relies on the strength of the content, and the methods through which they are shared to the audience. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose a messenger who has the background and the skills to achieve this.

If you need guidance on finding the right speaking talent for your event, Successful Speakers can help. As a specialist bureau, we work closely with organisations to source and recommend the most outstanding professional speakers to suit their event. Our roster of guest speakers in Australia includes business leaders, female guest speakers, sporting heroes, celebrities and more. Speak with our team today to learn how we can help.